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The People of Tomorrow

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 21, 2009

Jack over at the The Missal has some thoughts about the Obama Era and the people who live in it.


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Gored oxen, oxen and Gores

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 21, 2008


The real question, given the way the press covered for John Edwards, Barack Obama, et al. is whether the press would cover a Watergate if it happened under a Democratic administration.

They would.  Have we forgotten Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky?  The Clintons felt from almost Day One that the press was their bitter enemy, but with Monicagate the dogs were loosed.  While overall, cultural elites swooned over Clinton — churning out several thinly-disguised valentines in Hollywood, naming him (how embarrassing now!) our First Black President, and of course running down the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy when the time came for that — “the press,” which we now call the mainstream press , went in for the kill once their cheese was moved by Matt Drudge.

Media on media on media

Media on media on media

It’s not a paradox.  The MSM will never forgive a Republican for being elected to audience, and will pull out the stops to do everything they can to insure that it doesn’t happen again.  Democrats do get a honeymoon, and no matter how badly received their efforts are they will always receive, for example, the endorsement of the New York Times — as bad as they are, after all, they’re not Republicans.

But within that limiting principle, their ambition, especially when Election Day is close by in the rear view mirror, overrides their loyalty to the individual.  After all, if you bring down Bill Clinton, what do you get?  A Pulitzer, editorial tenure for life, book contracts and hefty speaking fees — and, hey, President Al Gore.

What’s not to like?

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Don’t even mention Queens

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 18, 2008


Here’s a map in case you need help visualizing “the area” Caroline needs to win over as she ventures off Manhattan Island:

Northern Territory

Northern Territory

Actually I here she’s very big in Schenectady.

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Facebook debate on Iraq

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 15, 2008

Ron Dean Esmay makes the one point about Iraq, the presidency and GWB and history that everyone’s all too willing to forget Twitter 2:01pm

Brian Gocial at 3:12pm December 14
I certainly hope you’re right that in the long-term invading Iraq will turn out to have good consequences. But I think the only way “history will not be kind to many of the so-called ‘progressives'” is if the United States Constitution is no longer the governing law of our country.
Judith Weiss at 3:27pm December 14
The people most likely to play games with the Constitution are Dems. For example, Obama wants to use the Supreme Court to redistribute income, which is not its job.
Timbo Jones at 4:29pm December 14
True, the Supreme Court is not supposed to do such things…which is why I guess the Bush administration doesn’t bother with such things when conducting unconstitutional acts.
Rhoads Hollowell at 4:46pm December 14
I am sorry, Ron, but the Project For a New American Century was an evil group from the start, and the end does not justify the means, even in this case.
Ron Coleman at 5:01pm December 14
Brian, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion on that matter!

Which were the objectionable means you have in mind, Rhoads? Humor me.

Rhoads Hollowell at 5:07pm December 14
attacking a sovereign country just because you think it would be a good idea, and then making up the justification so you could do so.
Ron Coleman at 5:15pm December 14
Well, I suppose if I accept all your false premises as true, I’d agree with you. Yeah, definitely evil.
Rhoads Hollowell at 5:17pm December 14
And if you believed in the concept of the rule of law, you would accept my premises as true. There was only one reason that the war in Iraq could ever have been judged as legal: that we did indeed find WMD. We did not. Therefore it was not legal under international law. My source for this is Dean Slaughter of the WWS, a source I think is reliable.
Ron Coleman at 5:34pm December 14
I must admit this is the first time I ever heard it suggested that legality of an act is to be determined based on ex post evaluation of whether certain facts assumed to be true ex ante are in fact true, regardless of what a reasonable person would have believed ex ante.

I knew it that this was the basis — along with taking causalities — for Democrats to decide whether or not they supported the war when it was going badly, but not whether it was legal in the first place.

There is a vast degree of opinion regarding the war’s legality:

As a general rule almost every opinion on the matter promulgated by an institution, person or other entity came to a conclusion that could be predicted based on that source’s political inclinations regarding the matter.

That doesn’t mean you’re wrong or that it doesn’t matter. It means the question is more complex than you suggest.

Brian Gocial at 6:55pm December 14
Preemptive war, manipulating intelligence, illegal wiretapping, torture, rendition, signing statements, executive secrecy, indefinite imprisonment w/o due process … there is nothing complex about the unconstitutionality of these “means.”
Stephen Ban at 9:59pm December 14
and yet, no further terrorist acts on US soil, and ample evidence that many have been thwarted. It’s a fascinating choice… “unlawful” (your words) and alive vs. self-righteous and dead… complex world out there, isn’t it?
Ron Coleman at 10:50pm December 14
Not only that, Stephen. “International law” is pretty much of interest to those on the outside looking in. Every single country in a position to project power on any level ignores international law when it is in its interest do so, including all the weak sisters of Western Europe. And not only decades ago, but whenever it works for tghem.

Brian, you are mistaking political sloganeering for reality.

Brian Gocial at 8:33am December 15

I only wish these serious issues were political sloganeering rather than reality …

But back to the point of your original post, history will be the judge of who is correct. Until then, we’ll each live in the reality of our own choosing.

Ron Coleman at 12:59pm December 15
Well, mentally anyway. Reality chooses us!
Pretty good stuff, and lots of anger still boiling. Still, it seems that great minds think alike:

History will one day credit Bush with patience, multilateralism and conviction. But right now, history is still being made. And there is a war to be continued and to be won.

Can you guess who said it?  No peeking!

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Don’t blame the Netroots for democracy

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 10, 2008

Pajamas Media columnist M.P.  MacConnell writes, regarding the   “How the Netroots Brought Down Obama’s Spymaster.”  (Via Glenn.)  Get this:

Regardless of political affiliation, the “Netroots” (a term used to describe those whose political activism is primarily manifested online) are a mob, and as is normally the case in mob attacks, there are ringleaders. In this particular instance it was Glenn Greenwald, an attorney and contributing writer for, who took it upon himself to lead those self-appointed champions of liberty in their quest to speed John Brennan’s downfall. Greenwald, who has no background in intelligence, law-enforcement, diplomacy, or international relations, felt himself to be in a position of supreme moral authority in questioning the fitness of Brennan – a 25 year veteran of government, intelligence, and counter-terrorism service – to assume the role President-elect Obama seemed to have him earmarked for.

I wasn’t too impressed, and wrote the following in the comments:

What an odd article. It starts out — well, I don’t know how it starts out; is there a missing topic sentence? — but at the beginning the complaint is, “Bad new media!” Then a quote from William Safire about money and megaphones. Does this mean that non-expert writers have had an effect on political and government decision-making prior to the advent of the Internet? Why, I think it does! In fact, while [Glenn] Greenwald is merely a lawyer, and not an expert on intelligence or the like, he is no worse credentialed than Horace Greeley, Carl Bernstein or Rush Limbaugh: Lay people with opinions, agendas and sometimes information that can affect public policy. The Internet has nothing to do with this.

Having said that, the remaining four-fifths of the article is a defense, on the merits, of Brennan. It may very well be a great defense of Brennan — I’m only a lawyer, not an intelligence expert! But it’s a non-sequitur as regards the first paragraphs, the title and the concluding paragraph.

Guess what, M.P.:  Political decisions, or decisions by politicians regardless of merit, need to be supported, defended and sustained in political environments such as the media, online or off. If you haven’t gotten used to that, or if you don’t like it, why on earth do you write for Pajamas Media?

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Sing, you dirty bird! Sing!

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 10, 2008

I did!  I did taw a putty tat!

I did! I did taw a putty tat!


BLAGOJEVICH: “Vengeful and Profane.” Doesn’t sound like he’s going to get much support from the media, or fellow Democratic politicians.

Oh, but what “help” might he provide?

My first inclination was to think that perhaps we have here a new James TraficantDefiant and all.  But then I thought better of it, for if Mr. Fitzgerald the prosecutor has even half of what he claims he’s got on Blagojevich, the Illinois governor is very dead meat — but has far, far more to sell than Traficant ever did.

It seems likely that Blagojevich knows, well… everything about the seedy underside of Illinois politics.  Everything.

Did that link say “vengeful”?  This could be a very, very warm winter on the shores of Lake Michigan!

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The Freeholder: There is, however, hope

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 7, 2008

The Freeholder argues that conservatives have been wrong to spurn Obama’s message of hope:

When voters in Louisiana, arguably one of the most corrupt states in the union, can vote out a Congressman caught with a freezer full of bribe money, there is hope.

And it only took, what? Three years?

They move real slow down theya, ya know son.

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Class war in Illinois

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 6, 2008

It’s a brave new world, and their favorite son is not even in office yet:

Which side are you on?

Which side are you on?

Workers who got three days’ notice that their factory was shutting its doors have occupied the building and say they won’t go home without assurances they’ll get severance and vacation pay.

About 250 union workers occupied the Republic Windows and Doors plant in shifts Saturday while union leaders outside criticized a Wall Street bailout they say is leaving laborers behind. . . .

“We’re doing something we haven’t done since the 1930s, so we’re trying to make it work,” she said, referring to a tactic most famously used in 1936-37 by General Motors factory workers in Flint, Mich., to help unionize the U.S. auto industry.

Of course in ’36-’37, the country was actually beginning to recover from the double whammy of the Depression and the New Deal policies that deepened it.  The unionization of the auto industry probably didn’t help much, but with war in Europe brewing orders were picking up.  A year or two later, and the real shooting under way, factory orders were up enough that unionization seemed to work wonders for the economy!

Here in 2008, however, we’re almost certainly not at bottom yet, by a long shot, and no obvious new war is on the horizon, so the timing for union-orchestrated violence — and that is what this is — would appear less than brilliant.

So what is the thinking in the People’s Republic of Illinois?  Is organized labor so close to back in the driver’s seat, and the Big Three bailout so close to fruition after all, that a fantasy-based-union-bounty-based economy is upon us?   Is it that the era of President-Elect Obama means that Chicago is totally up for leftist power grabs?  A little of both?  Or was I wrong about the whole “here comes socialism” piece altogether, in a way that — let’s face it — none of us had guessed?

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Don’t break the chain!

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 1, 2008

Top Conservatives on Twitter — see, it’s magic!  Better than Amway too because its shelf life is even shorter!

Go get ’em, tigers!

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OK, so he’s a weensy bit impressed with himself

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 28, 2008

K. Ryan James (who is in fact a bit of a big deal):  So for Barry, when did it all become about Barry?

Now note that I somehow missed the moment when Barack became “Barry.” I picked this up on right wing blogs all too late to get in on the fun and, as regulars here know, I am a tad soft on the President Elect, being rather taken with his First Minus 60 Days, frankly. (It’s the First 100 — when Congress is in session — that scares me.) But I have to admit I loved this little nugget from Ryan, and the accompanying graphic:

On Wednesday, The One pushed back against the unbelieving left who were wondering about “change” being implemented by Clinton retreads. He offered this nugget:

Understand where the vision for change comes from, first and foremost,” he told reporters at his third press conference in as many days. ”It comes from me. That’s my job, is to provide a vision in terms of where we are going, and to make sure, then, that my team is implementing.

To put it simply, from The One comes the Change.

Did I mention my wife was Ron Colemans classmate at Princeton?

Did I mention my wife was Ron Coleman's classmate at Princeton?

This is good work. I don’t happen to think it’s productive in any way besides the inducing of mirth, but that’s a kind of productive, and for sure calling out Mr. Obama on his soaring ego is entirely called for.

Now frankly if I had accomplished what the man has accomplished in the time he’s accomplished it, I’d probably be mightily impressed with my own bad self, too. I know this because I haven’t done that but I still pretty much am.  (Mightily impressed with me, that is.)

The main difference between me and President-Elect Obama in fact is that Ryan hasn’t done any cool graphics about me. So we have the ones about Mr. Obama to enjoy — and I did. And that’s the main thing because, well, you know, it’s my blog and … right. It’s pretty much all about me, too.  But, hey, I’m not the President-Elect.

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