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Blawg Review #191

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 22, 2008

For all the talk about illumination, there was nothing light about writing this week’s Blawg Review, which is up now over at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.


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Flat-footed spam comment of the day

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 16, 2008

You have to love it:

A new comment on the post #848 “Likelihood of Success” is waiting for your approval

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Double-dip blogging

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 11, 2008

This item from  LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® has turned out to be such a hit that, on a not-so-bloggy day for me, I thought it would be appropriate to point LOS readers to my original, tax-deductible blog and suggest they look at it. And read it.

The post does have everything:  Scientology, the free market, intellectual property, the Internet, “e-meters,” suntan lotion, an anti-religion-crusading blogger, and best of all — nothing about the Governor of Illinois!

Yeah, nothing!

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Don’t blame the Netroots for democracy

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 10, 2008

Pajamas Media columnist M.P.  MacConnell writes, regarding the   “How the Netroots Brought Down Obama’s Spymaster.”  (Via Glenn.)  Get this:

Regardless of political affiliation, the “Netroots” (a term used to describe those whose political activism is primarily manifested online) are a mob, and as is normally the case in mob attacks, there are ringleaders. In this particular instance it was Glenn Greenwald, an attorney and contributing writer for, who took it upon himself to lead those self-appointed champions of liberty in their quest to speed John Brennan’s downfall. Greenwald, who has no background in intelligence, law-enforcement, diplomacy, or international relations, felt himself to be in a position of supreme moral authority in questioning the fitness of Brennan – a 25 year veteran of government, intelligence, and counter-terrorism service – to assume the role President-elect Obama seemed to have him earmarked for.

I wasn’t too impressed, and wrote the following in the comments:

What an odd article. It starts out — well, I don’t know how it starts out; is there a missing topic sentence? — but at the beginning the complaint is, “Bad new media!” Then a quote from William Safire about money and megaphones. Does this mean that non-expert writers have had an effect on political and government decision-making prior to the advent of the Internet? Why, I think it does! In fact, while [Glenn] Greenwald is merely a lawyer, and not an expert on intelligence or the like, he is no worse credentialed than Horace Greeley, Carl Bernstein or Rush Limbaugh: Lay people with opinions, agendas and sometimes information that can affect public policy. The Internet has nothing to do with this.

Having said that, the remaining four-fifths of the article is a defense, on the merits, of Brennan. It may very well be a great defense of Brennan — I’m only a lawyer, not an intelligence expert! But it’s a non-sequitur as regards the first paragraphs, the title and the concluding paragraph.

Guess what, M.P.:  Political decisions, or decisions by politicians regardless of merit, need to be supported, defended and sustained in political environments such as the media, online or off. If you haven’t gotten used to that, or if you don’t like it, why on earth do you write for Pajamas Media?

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The Blawg 100 and not me

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 1, 2008

The ABA Journal names its top 100 law-related blogs for this year. LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, which was in last year’s inaugural group, didn’t make it this year!  Okay, that hurts a little.  What’s the story?

On our second annual list of the best legal blogs, just half of last year’s honorees make a return appearance.

What explains the high turnover? For one thing, every day new legal blogs are started, and some existing blogs—including some that appeared on last year’s list—cease to be updated regularly. Plus, some of the upstart blogs are just plain better than some that made the cut last year.

Sure you cant do 101?

Sure you can't do 101?

I guess that’s what it is.  They must be a lot betterer because, well, between you and me (i.e., I’m not expressing this view on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®), LOC was a lot better in 2008 than in 2007!

But it’s nearly impossible to produce such a list, and while I frankly reject the suggestion that my blog is not as good, when in fact it’s better than it was, that’s not the same as saying that, considering the need to make room for the new blogs they’d justifiably like to talk about, LOC is not in the popular elite category of the repeaters.  You can judge their quality for yourself, and whether Daily Kos, Thank You Ma’am and FBI Gotcha are “law blogs.”

So there you go.  Honored to make the ’07 list and, well, as you can see, a little disappointed to fall out this year but quite proud of the work I do at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.  And, of course, the kids… but I wouldn’t want them to consider at all what I do for the kids, anyway, really… So, yeah.

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ChipIn: Holiday Mail to our Troops

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 30, 2008

Do the right thing.

They’re still at war.

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OK, so he’s a weensy bit impressed with himself

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 28, 2008

K. Ryan James (who is in fact a bit of a big deal):  So for Barry, when did it all become about Barry?

Now note that I somehow missed the moment when Barack became “Barry.” I picked this up on right wing blogs all too late to get in on the fun and, as regulars here know, I am a tad soft on the President Elect, being rather taken with his First Minus 60 Days, frankly. (It’s the First 100 — when Congress is in session — that scares me.) But I have to admit I loved this little nugget from Ryan, and the accompanying graphic:

On Wednesday, The One pushed back against the unbelieving left who were wondering about “change” being implemented by Clinton retreads. He offered this nugget:

Understand where the vision for change comes from, first and foremost,” he told reporters at his third press conference in as many days. ”It comes from me. That’s my job, is to provide a vision in terms of where we are going, and to make sure, then, that my team is implementing.

To put it simply, from The One comes the Change.

Did I mention my wife was Ron Colemans classmate at Princeton?

Did I mention my wife was Ron Coleman's classmate at Princeton?

This is good work. I don’t happen to think it’s productive in any way besides the inducing of mirth, but that’s a kind of productive, and for sure calling out Mr. Obama on his soaring ego is entirely called for.

Now frankly if I had accomplished what the man has accomplished in the time he’s accomplished it, I’d probably be mightily impressed with my own bad self, too. I know this because I haven’t done that but I still pretty much am.  (Mightily impressed with me, that is.)

The main difference between me and President-Elect Obama in fact is that Ryan hasn’t done any cool graphics about me. So we have the ones about Mr. Obama to enjoy — and I did. And that’s the main thing because, well, you know, it’s my blog and … right. It’s pretty much all about me, too.  But, hey, I’m not the President-Elect.

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Six Meat Buffet!

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 25, 2008

You’ll come for the icon.

My kinda guy

My kinda guy

You’ll stay for the great humor blogging!  It’s Six Meat Buffet: That’s my kinda eatin’!

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The Principled Hard Right: An IM chat

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 13, 2008

Rocky Blogfriend is online.
I am really having a crisis of faith
I can’t believe some of the crap that’s going up on RW blogs
You ain’t seen nothing yet my friend
I never considered Plonis DePloni a major intellectual but
she is getting absolutely scary
the blogosphere on the left
pre-Bush, was relatively moderate — well, sort of
8 years later it was Bush is hitler and he knocked down the world trade center
OK but hell with the far left, they’re scum
u don’t think that is going to happen to us?
It is, it is
Tin hats all around!
Dude, Honestly, Obama reminds me of chavez or Castro
That’s what I honestly think, no bs, no hype
I already heard that a prominent conservative
whose name I won’t drop
is telling people that he thought Obama might literally try a fascist coup
Good thing you didn’t drop it
I also remember when Bill Clinton was going to take over and refuse to hand the keys to GWB
Why would someone with such political skill need a coup?!
yeah. There is always some of that going around.
As long as we have sniper rifles in this country, there will never be a coup
this is going to inspire a post =D
I could see him getting Congress to offer up an amendment to the Constitution repealing the whatever amendment on term limits for the POTUS
And I am just embarrassed at what is being said and written out there!
that would take a constitutional amendment. He couldn’t pull it off…
Dude, well it is going to get much, much, worse
I am just telling you
I know.
it’s the nature of human beings
How do guys like us get ahead of the curve without seeming as if we’re pandering?
Heh. You just gotta take it as it comes. Depends on what obama tries to do.
No, forget that. Think INSIDE the box on that okay? Just humor me.
Pretend that politics just stinks
and we just got our behinds kicked
and that’s all there is.
I am talking local, not global.
Sky not falling.
got ya…
How can we establish a voice in the blogosphere — I don’t mean NRO —
for sane but not “moderate” conservatism?
we should try to find a way to enunciate this concept of, hey, wait —
There is a voice of the Principled Hard Right!
We are against socialism, statism, yes!
We are against higher taxes, yes!
We are against appeasement, yes!
But we DO believe in the Constitution!
We DO believe in loyalty to our country, regardless of the party in power!
We DO believe in being better, behaving better and thinking better than the other side!
We are interested in recapturing political power
…. democratically!
… legally!
… ethically!
of course
By virtue of
Expressed clearly
without panic or hyperbole
But sparing no sacred cow.
I thank you.
sounds like u got a post there
Maybe I’ll just cut and paste this LOL
Well, those are my thinkings… see ya later.
Have a good one

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Dextrous bloggers’ least favorite “righty”

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 13, 2008


I have to admit I hadn’t expected he’d come in number one.

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