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The People of Tomorrow

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 21, 2009

Jack over at the The Missal has some thoughts about the Obama Era and the people who live in it.

One Response to “The People of Tomorrow”

  1. In looking for commentary on Ellen M. Chen’s comments on the Tao Te Ching’s third treasure, I came across this site. Recognizing the importance and truthfulness of the Tao, I do not perceive that the Taoist fears physical death. The Taoist wisely guards against spiritual death while in the physical body. I do not perceive that the Taoist is scheming to be more fruitful in choosing to humbly avoid the forefront. The Taoist realizes the vanity of the forefront. In that there is vanity in leading from the forfront, and there is a high exposure to vain desires when in the spotlight, the Taoist recognizes the virtue of avoiding the front. Come on

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