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Double-dip blogging

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 11, 2008

This item from  LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® has turned out to be such a hit that, on a not-so-bloggy day for me, I thought it would be appropriate to point LOS readers to my original, tax-deductible blog and suggest they look at it. And read it.

The post does have everything:  Scientology, the free market, intellectual property, the Internet, “e-meters,” suntan lotion, an anti-religion-crusading blogger, and best of all — nothing about the Governor of Illinois!

Yeah, nothing!


3 Responses to “Double-dip blogging”

  1. jaymaster said


    Since you use a post like this to drive traffic to your “professional” blog, can’t you write off your costs for this one too?

    Or at least a percentage of this one based on the number of referring posts?

    Assuming it’s still legal for you guys to advertise….

  2. Well, uh, yeah, Jaymaster.

  3. jaymaster said

    I always like to throw that advertising jab out there, but I guess that dates me somewhat. I just did some quick googling, and it looks like it was all the way back in 1977 when advertising legal services became legal.

    I remember that debate rather clearly, so that date surprised me, because I would have only been 12 years old at the time. I had no aspirations whatsoever of becoming a lawyer, but I was something of a political junky even then.

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