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My ears are burning!

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 3, 2008

And there’s not a darned thing I can do about it!  Or that I will.

If you’re blog is not all that big, you will check your blog traffic from time to time to make sure there is still some rationale for going through the trouble.  And it’s always interesting to see if perhaps there’s a new referrer out there, somewhere new where someone is paying attention.

And you click through or, if you want to perhaps not be so darned obvious about it — because unless they’re all that, they’re doing the same thing, and maybe you don’t want to tip them off quite so readily.  Now from time to time, say regarding my law-related blog, even though it’s not as good as it was last year, or as good as the new models coming out, I still am from time to time linked to law school class websites from which I am locked out.  That’s fine, I get it, and it’s really flattering anyway:  Some law professor thought I had said something worth commenting on.

But how about when you see not just one or two hits, but all of a sudden a bunch of ’em, from a website that is a “a knit and crochet community” — and not only is the link behind a wall, but the home page gives you the following encouraging welcome:

Don’t have an account?

Request an invitation

There are currently 227,361 registered users. If you sign up today, you will receive an invitation in about 4 days.

Yeah, about four days for an invitation… to a knitting and crocheting community… where someone’s talking about one of my posts!

I’ll pass.  But, lesson to be learned:  There’s a lot of stuff going on in this great big world that we really wouldn’t ever know about at all if it weren’t for the occasional happenstance, the odd juxtaposition.  Call it life’s knit-one, pearl-two, maybe.


5 Responses to “My ears are burning!”

  1. Great post, because I do the same thing. You see a bunch of hits from a random site, want to find out why they all came to the blog, you follow the link, and it is a massive forum site with tens of thousands of messages, and a search function that doesn’t let you search the text of the posts.

    Very annoying

  2. heather said

    Did you see what the post was about- in ravelry? I just stumbled upon it a bit ago. they were discussing the post you had a while back (july 2008, maybe?) about Fowler filing suit against zondervan and thomas nelson . They were discussing the silliness of men who think they can change the Bible to whatever suits or soothes their conscience . Your post then was quite interesting and educational. I think i will look forward to reading more from you- H 🙂

  3. No, Heather, I didn’t, because as I said it’s behind a wall. Maybe you’re a Ravelry member?

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  4. heather said

    yes, i am…and that is how i found your blog- here is the original post

    “There are many different versions of the Bible; I don’t see why we can’t have one,”

    Something for under your Christmas tree? Oh wait. They’ll have rewritten that bit, too…

    Hey, if religion isn’t “on your side”, why not rewrite religion?! It’s not like we’re gonna notice or anything…

    I’m not holding my breath on a “Gay Koran”, though…

    THEN, another person’s comment:

    Guess there’s more than one way to skin a cat…here’s someone else trying to force his revision down our collective throats: July 2008 lawsuit – suing Christian publishers for the wording of the Bible…

    Most ironic: the nutroot was one of Obama’s bloggers, on his campaign website. Sooooo…what other creatures are going to be crawling out from under Obama’s rock?

    THERE was your link in the response to the original- Ravelry is a knit/crochet community- but it is also a social network- and as in society there are many different kinds of people with more on their mind than knitting and crocheting. at times, it can get a little annoying. LIke during the election – you wouldn’t believe that so many knitters and crocheters cared so much for politics!

    As far as you’ve-gotta-be-joking lawsuits go, how is this one?
    I know it is an old one, but it is one of my “favorites” .

    h 🙂

  5. James H said

    Insert obligatory puns about the “fabric of the law” and “narrow tailoring” here.

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