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The Blawg 100 and not me

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 1, 2008

The ABA Journal names its top 100 law-related blogs for this year. LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, which was in last year’s inaugural group, didn’t make it this year!  Okay, that hurts a little.  What’s the story?

On our second annual list of the best legal blogs, just half of last year’s honorees make a return appearance.

What explains the high turnover? For one thing, every day new legal blogs are started, and some existing blogs—including some that appeared on last year’s list—cease to be updated regularly. Plus, some of the upstart blogs are just plain better than some that made the cut last year.

Sure you cant do 101?

Sure you can't do 101?

I guess that’s what it is.  They must be a lot betterer because, well, between you and me (i.e., I’m not expressing this view on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®), LOC was a lot better in 2008 than in 2007!

But it’s nearly impossible to produce such a list, and while I frankly reject the suggestion that my blog is not as good, when in fact it’s better than it was, that’s not the same as saying that, considering the need to make room for the new blogs they’d justifiably like to talk about, LOC is not in the popular elite category of the repeaters.  You can judge their quality for yourself, and whether Daily Kos, Thank You Ma’am and FBI Gotcha are “law blogs.”

So there you go.  Honored to make the ’07 list and, well, as you can see, a little disappointed to fall out this year but quite proud of the work I do at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.  And, of course, the kids… but I wouldn’t want them to consider at all what I do for the kids, anyway, really… So, yeah.


4 Responses to “The Blawg 100 and not me”

  1. Then I get to wondering, uh, wasn’t that really a gratuitous slap? I mean it’s bad enough being dropped! “[S]ome of the upstart blogs are just plain better than some that made the cut last year.” Necessary?

    Did I mention I’m just honored to have been named last year?

  2. Buznicki said


    Sorry you didn’t make this year’s list…..I would have voted for your blog to be among the best….any time.

    Thanks…. Mom. — RDC

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  4. […] we have a hangup about those kind of lists, anyway.  But this is the last time we’ll link to this post. Consider the subject dropped.  And thanks for the […]

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