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Don’t break the chain!

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 1, 2008

Top Conservatives on Twitter — see, it’s magic!  Better than Amway too because its shelf life is even shorter!

Go get ’em, tigers!


3 Responses to “Don’t break the chain!”

  1. mary said

    I have to admit that I’m baffled by Twitter. I only saw it as a means of notifying people via cell phone to blog if I happened to have problems while traveling. (Unfortunately, that plan fell through when thieves stole my cell phone along with everything else in Barcelona)

    Anyway, how do you form communities in a medium that seems like a variation of texting?

  2. Well it’s open texting, though. Everyone’s text stream (besides a handful of people who lock them, and they aren’t really playing) is open. So you have these fascinating ever-expanding and metamorphosing daisy chains of people who connect via their respective text feeds. I’m not sure they truly shape yet into communities because I’ve only been playing for a little while…

    One thing I like about it is there’s almost always someone to talk to.

  3. Hmm…a constant stream of ever-expanding, metamorphosing daisy chains of thoughtfeeds. Sounds like a pre-implant beta version of the Borg – you know, in a positive way. These things always start with the best intentions 🙂

    Thanks for the explanation. I’ll try to update my twitter stuff.

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