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ChipIn: Holiday Mail to our Troops

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 30, 2008

Do the right thing.

They’re still at war.


2 Responses to “ChipIn: Holiday Mail to our Troops”

  1. When I asked my friends in Iraq what they wanted in their care packages, they said they wanted adult entertainment DVDs. So, I’ve been sending care packages on my own of First Amendment protected films. Too bad our “leadership” has been hijacked by zealots who lie to the boys to tell them they are fighting for “freedom,” while working to take theirs (and ours) away.

  2. Are you going to demonstrate the irony in your juxtaposition by some fact, Marc? Like you were unable to buy the smut you sought, or some postal inspector gave you a hard time, or you have reason to believe you were being followed, or you had to get past a phalanx of tough guys to post this comment?

    Or are you just going to keep whining unconvincingly about how unfree you are?

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