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Nyak nyak nyak!

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 25, 2008

I came home “early” tonight, so my fourth grade twins begged me to “do something” with them, which of course I had to do, and what they wanted me to do and what I did was watch three Three Stooges shorts on DVD on the computer in the basement.  Now I have not seen a frame of the Stooges in over 35 years, I am sure, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.  They certainly enjoyed it and, no less important, they enjoyed watching it with me.

My main “takeaway”:  Shemp — who actually preceded Curly as the third Stooge, it turns out, though he replaced him after his death — really gets a bum rap.  Yes, Curly was very special, but the fact is Shemp was one heck of a talented comic actor.

But the whole thing, really, is sad… but not in a way a fourth grade boy, or even two, would understand.

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