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Hitting bottom, all right

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 25, 2008

Ara Rubyan:

My son has asked me on more than one occasion recently, “So what do we do now?” Usually, in that conversation, I start out apologizing to him for the mess my generation has left him to deal with. Which leads to him asking his question.

Say it ain’t so, Ara.  You apologize to your son?  On behalf of your entire generation?  Because it has left the future such a sticky, gooey mess?

It is stuff like this — and Ara is thoughtful, and insightful, and serious — that reminds me that even though I’m obviously not nearly rabidly oppositional enough about Barack Obama, I must really not be any kind of liberal at all.


9 Responses to “Hitting bottom, all right”

  1. Ara said

    Well — surprise! — you’re not. [insert smiley face here]

    Seriously, I keep hearing about how we have to move forward; we can’t waste time with investigations and punishments of transgressors who will be leaving office soon anyway. But that misses the point. We’re not doing it for us — we’d be doing it for a future generation of Americans who may find themselves living under a president far worse than the present one, who reached for even more power and abused it in even more heinous ways because…well, because he saw that his predecessor got away with it. And that future generation will look back at us and wonder what we were thinking?

  2. Jack said

    If I’m reading Ara right then I have to say that I’m with him on this one.

    I’m just extremely glad that this nation has finally fixed her leadership problem by electing Barack Obama and a Democratic congress.

    Years from now, in the annals of history, they will look back at this moment in time and say, if it had not been for the Bush administration we could have cured cancer and then cloned those fellas by 2010 and from that day forward been assured of the right men, and women, for the job forevermore. (If the cloning didn’t take then we could have at least grown Barney Franks a new brain from somebody else’s fetal tissue and in that way preserved his wonderful economic mind for future generations to enjoy.)

    By the way I’d like to apologize for the way Athens treated so many of the Spartan colonies during the Peloponnesian War, for Reagan calling the Soviets an Evil Empire and causing that whole Berlin Wall mess, for the United States failing to lose the Iraq War outright in 2007, and to my children for not bailing out Ford years and years ago when they were at the peak of their power and producing loads and loads of top-quality Pintos.

    I’m sorry kids.
    Like the rest of us, you’re pretty much screwed til we can print more money to cover your Union dues and rescue your pension plan.

    But don’t worry.
    It’s coming…

    (By the way, I was just kidding about apologizing for Athens. Everyone knows that the Athenians were much too stupid to not be duped by the slick talking, duplicitous, charming Alciabedes. He was obviously the Bush of his era. There but by the Grace of God went we.)

  3. jaymaster said

    We can hope that pessimism is a recessive trait.

    Unless WE are pessimistic.

    Then what?

  4. Jack said

    Who you calling, “WE the pessimistic, Jay?”

    By the way, I apologize for that remark.
    I’m fully expecting that most people will take it in the worst possible way.

  5. Ara Rubyan said

    Hey, no harm no foul.

    Allow me to say, in summary, that I just want my kids to be prepared to face the future as it is likely to be, not as we wish it to be.

    And if you have kids and you don’t prepare them in a similar way, well then my kids will simply eat their lunch.

    [Insert smiley face here]

  6. jaymaster said

    Well, one man’s pessimism is another’s paranoia. Some amount of angst and concern is probably healthy.

    I went through a little phase as a teen ager where I would randomly blurt out “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” When someone would look at me as if I were insane, I’d shrug my shoulders and say “Hey, it’s true.

  7. Ara Rubyan said

    Timing is everything.

  8. Jack said

    “Timing is everything.”

    I’m with Ara on that one too.

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

  9. Ara said

    Same to you and yours, Jack.

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