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Posted by Ron Coleman on November 13, 2008

This creep in Austria is being charged with just about every awful crime in the book.   It’s a grisly story.  But here’s what jumped out at me:

If convicted of the murder charge, Fritzl would face life imprisonment, which in Austria typically means 15 years’ confinement.  Austria, like other European countries, has no death penalty.

Which makes me wonder, what would be so terrible about the death penalty then?   If “life imprisonment” means 15 years, a sentence of death probably means a really painful hangnail.


One Response to “Eurojustice”

  1. Jack said

    I think that if we Europeanize our own system of justice then we could redirect public funds to support the abortion of the death penalty against the guilty, instead of having such monies wasted in efforts like failing to finance the abortion of innocence efforts elsewhere.

    We should look to our own benefits of failure before failing to finance the impairment and injury of others.

    Perhaps we should whip up a big rescue package and see if we can’t stimulate our society and economy up to European standards.

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