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Swift boat this

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 11, 2008

In honor of Veteran’s Day, and because I’m traveling today, I’m reposting this September 29, 2007 item that’s relevant to the day — RDC:

Instapundit links to a story about proposed legislation to punish people for falsely claiming to be decorated war veterans.

It sounds like a bad idea, and who know where it could lead? What if someone claims, say, he was a on a secret-hush-hush mission that was, say, “seared in his mind” — but which didn’t happen at all? Shouldn’t claims of never-existed war crimes by fellow soldiers be similarly against the law? All three types of lies are meant to leverage real or imagined military service for political or personal gain, after all.

What about someone who really earns medals… and throws them away?

Here, in all seriousness, I’m probably just a “free speech advocate.” Let liars lie, even about war medals, just as they lie about war adventures and other things. The facts will out. They always do.


One Response to “Swift boat this”

  1. Argus said

    In the liklihood that Kerry is nominated for Sec. of State, he must appear before the Senate acting in their constitutionally mandated capacity to “advise and consent” on his nomination.

    It is vital to the integrity of that process that the Senate be privy to Kerry’s complete military record which has been, thus far, scrupulously concealed from public examination.

    Perhaps Senator McCain and his Senate peers may discover just who was being “dishonest and dishonorable” after all.

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