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Home Port Staten Island

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 11, 2008

As I said in the previous (recycled) post, I’m on the road today, but I’m reposting old pieces with a Veteran’s Day theme.  This was first posted on May 23rd of this year. — RDC

Home Port Staten Island

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman

I was early for court in Staten Island this morning, a place I don’t get to too often. I didn’t realize the courthouse was practically in the water; indeed, it is on the navy base. It’s Fleet Week, so they let people go a little bit closer than usual. Here’s a shot of the bows of three ships, including the USS Monterey, in front of the city they are protecting.

Whenever I see the arrayed armed might of this country, even a sliver of it, I am awed, and profoundly thankful to God that, in our age at least, it has been given this way.

I felt a little like a spy taking pictures at a military installation, and indeed there was a sign at the security checkpoint that says, among other warnings but in very big, compelling letters, “USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED.” My approach is that where use of deadly force is authorized, asking the people with the guns first is well advised. I did. Twice.


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