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Fear this

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 4, 2008

Well tell you whats fair and balanced.

We'll tell you what's fair and balanced.

I have been writing consistently, stridently and at some cost to my frazzled nerves, based on the reactions, that fear-mongering by anti-Obama partisans is a mistake, is unwarranted, is irresponsible.  (UPDATE:  Not just me.)

But there is one thing I really do fear, and unlike socialism or any other bogeyman trotted out in this election, you need not look under the bed to find it:  It’s the Orwellian-named Fairness Doctrine.  And Democrats have unabashedly promised to bring it back via legislation.

This is a genuine threat to everything unless the Supreme Court either revisits is prior, wrong decisions upholding the Fairness Doctrine and rules, as it should, that it is unconstitutional.  The Internet helps, because it is an alternative medium — for now.  But the Fairness Doctrine is the scariest thing the Democrats are promising, and it makes anything else that you can imagine, or have imagined, and that the likes of me have poo-pooed, eminently possible.

So, yeah, on this I do say “be very scared.”

UPDATE: Maybe people are getting scared, finally.


2 Responses to “Fear this”

  1. Bob Miller said

    Ron, you’ll have to encrypt your blog to evade the thought police.

  2. James H said

    Things I’ve seen so far indicate Obama opposes reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

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