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Posted by Ron Coleman on October 31, 2008

I really can’t wait for the election to be over, no matter how it comes out.  Everything is politics now.

I’m not even going to upload any more videos (hey, who’s cheering?!), at least on the blog.

I can’t stand the contentiousness, the polarization — it infects every online interaction.  One guy dropped into our alumni discussion group for attorneys and just said, hey, we need to win such-and-such state for Obama, contact me to volunteer.

Will it go away when the election is over?  Or will it just get worse?


2 Responses to “Saturated”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I’ve got burnout…

  2. James H said

    I think it might get worse, at least for a while.

    I can’t help noticing that in the past two or three cycles, party identification has become more pronounced than in 1992 or 1996. I can’t comment on 1988 or 1984, as I was in elementary school at that time. Were they less “party identification” oriented than today?

    If I were to pin fault for the current climate on anybody, I’d pin it on the GOP. Partly because the party engineered the unnecessary Clinton impeachment in the 1990s, but also because the Republican revolution itself (dating from Goldwater, refreshed by Reagan and later Newt Gingrich) appears to have run out of intellectual steam. Run out of intellectual steam, you turn to tactics. Tactics means building on party identification.

    Thing is, the GOP was damn effective at it, so the Democrats are doing it now, too. Be ready for party identification to grow more and more important in the coming cycles until banging the party drum ceases to be a way to win elections.

    Another thought — the so-called “permanent campaign,” set up under Clinton, perfected under Bush, may also be responsible for the polarization.

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