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Paranoid? Try this.

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 20, 2008

The polls could be wrong. There could be a split between the popular vote and the electoral college vote. Obama Barack could end up losing the election.

But let’s say he doesn’t. Given what we’ve seen about a willingness to use the state to enforce opinion from Barack Obama (not that John McCain is blameless)… and the mainstream media’s contempt for citizen journalism… and the preposterous extent to which, by all accounts, the MSM is not only in the tank, but unconscious at the bottom of it, for its messiah…

Would you want to be a blogger, much less a — how shall I put it? — right-wing blogger, after the revolution?

Of course you would. There would be nothing cooler, funner or, for most of us, nothing that would be a better way to participate in the marketplace of ideas and perhaps make a difference in opposition to what could be the most left-wing administration in history. The frisson of “danger” only makes it ginchier, because in fact as conservatives we have confidence in our Constitution and fundamentally the institutions that make it work and survive, notwithstanding our frequent disappointments. Unlike left-wing crybabies who threaten (always with no intention to follow through) to run for friendlier peoples’ paradises if this or that Republican is elected, we are here, we aren’t going anywhere, and we aren’t trading in our bloggin’ pajamas until they blade it off our cold, green corpses.


Now what are you going to do make sure it never comes to that? Now, given your faith in the Constitution, how are you going to act, to advocate, to engage — if I may use the word? — collectively to make sure alternative media, a concept once considered the sole property of lefty S&M and “escort service” shopper newspapers like the Village Voice and the Chicago Reader, remain vibrant, fearless and online 24/7?

Well, I am biased, but in view of the horizon before us… I would recommend membership in the Media Bloggers Association.

The MBA is non-partisan – its members, board and history are ample proof of this. The MBA is, to some extent, the institutionalization of a dynamic that is anathema to many bloggers: Joining organizations, agreeing to standards (not standardization), bestowing a limited quantum of representative proxy, and interacting cooperatively with people like the MSM, the courts and others whom many bloggers consider sacred cows.

There will always be the ACLU, the EFF and many fine organizations — not all of which are conservatives’ first choice of whom they’d want to call in an emergency — and individuals who are out there fighting the good fight. But right now the MBA is the only grouping of bloggers across the spectrum that is in a position to protect, and is formed for the sole purpose of protecting, the rights bloggers have to express themselves in their chosen medium to the full extent of their constitutional rights to do so.

If you’re as afraid of an Obama Administration and how it might go for bloggers as some of you say you are (which is a lot more afraid than I am, notwithstanding the scare links in my first paragraph), you’ll consider joining the MBA or perhaps replicating what it has done in a manner consistent with your own tastes — “while you can”!

If you’re not afraid but, like me, you have your concerns… there’s no rush. But you should check us out. Just in case.


6 Responses to “Paranoid? Try this.”

  1. DK said

    While I would disagree with your fear of Obama, I would certainly note that you should at least have the additional concern (as opposed to my primary one) about the cable and telephone oligopolies (at best) who seek to claim that they own the internet lines and can dictate parameters of editorial acceptability.

    Please feel free to revise your post in order to illuminate this important point, Ron.

  2. My “fear of Obama”?

    If you’re not afraid but, like me, you have your concerns…

    How do you always manage to take a good point like the one you have here and bookend it between a complete strikeout and an incredibly condescending “editorial suggestion”?

    In fact you and I agree on a more important point: The hysterical panic spreading among right-wing orthodox Jews about the Obama Administration is very misguided. One guy was trying to tell me about how he’s going to have both houses of Congress, unlike when the Democrats were able to at least oppose Reagan’s sale of AWACS to the Saudis.

    “Reagan? He was the best friend of Israel in the White House ever!”

    “Yeah, but James Baker….”

    “Anyway the sale did go through!”

    “Yes but — ”

    “And the immediate annihilation of Tel Aviv that was going to follow… we somehow missed that? That was 25 years ago and the Saudis still have AWACS!”

    “Yeah but — ”

    Then there’s the argument from gedoylim

  3. Mwalimu Daudi said


    As an embittered G*d-and-guns-clinging typical white person I think that you are assuming that the Messiah’s administration would obey any unfavorable court rulings, or confine its activities mostly within the law. The hard truth is that we have no reason to think that the thuggish tactics the Chosen One has engaged in up until now will suddenly be discarded once He takes the oath of office. On the contrary – the Messiah will interpret the coming Democrat supermajorities as a license to as He pleases. Chicago politicians winning by using fraud and dirty tricks escalate rather than modify their tactics once safely in office. The Chicago media (those not in bed with the crooks, anyway) has been notoriously ineffective in rooting out corruption in that city.

    And what exactly will stand in the way of the Messiah after January 20, 2009? The voters? ACORN will soon have one of its own running the Justice Department, and our voting rolls will fill up with names like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys. The ACLU? Only if the Messiah proposes prayer in school will they take an interest. The courts? You mean brilliant legal minds like Anthony Kennedy, whose view of the Constitution depends upon how he feels when he wakes up in the morning? This is scary enough already without thinking about the Supreme Court! The media? Why should they turn on their hand-picked Messiah? Only if a newer, sexier Messiah comes along, and that notion does not exactly fill me with comfort.

  4. Fred Fry said

    One major problem with joining:

    “As a general rule, the MBA does not accept bloggers as members anonymously or pseudonymously. We believe that bloggers should own their own words. Also, we are a member organization and we have to know the identity of our members. At the same time, the MBA recognizes the value of anonymous speech and knows it has a storied and valuable history. We are willing to make exceptions and have done so, but this is done rarely and only when there is a clear and compelling reason to do so. If you blog anonymously or under a pseudonym and wish for us to make an exception please let us know.”

    The ‘Joe the Plumber’ incident is reason enough to not blog under your real name.

    “Fred,” I blog under my real name, as do virtually all the bloggers I know. We’ve done so more many years and suffered no adverse consequence. Many of us have found our lives to be enhanced by blogging under own names.

    Now, there are plenty of good reasons to blog anonymously. The MBA, however, stands for accountability. Anonymous blogging is the antithesis of accountability.

    Say what you will about the Joe the Plumber incident: If he were an anonymous blogger… there would have been no Joe the Plumber incident. Is Joe better off for it, or worse off? Is democracy? — RDC

  5. Bill said

    For people who read but don’t blog let me recommend financial support for FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). These people walk the walk in the toughest environment of all, contemporary American colleges and universities.

    If you are not a blogger or student or educator but still value speech November 5 represents the date when you need to start to organize a principled resistance to a rationally anticipatable tyranny.

  6. Chester white said

    “Fred,” I blog under my real name, as do virtually all the bloggers I know. We’ve done so more many years and suffered no adverse consequence.


    Can you say “Fairness Doctrine”? What makes you think you aren’t going to be squashed?

    “Nice blog you got there; it would be a shame if something happened to it.”

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