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Jane explains it all

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 7, 2008

Jane his wife

Jane his wife

[21:48] Jane: Anyone who is really listening can’t help but come away thinking McCain is superior to Obama.
[21:48] Jane: Obama keeps speaking in vague generalities ….
[21:48] Ron Coleman: Good that you’re having that reaction
[21:49] Jane: McCain is full of substantive detail
[21:49] Jane: He accused Obama of being the 2d largest recipient of Fannie Mae (Freddie Mac?) money
[21:49] Jane: And Obama had nothing to say!
[21:49] Jane: He didn’t deny it.

Your blogger

Your blogger

[21:51] Ron Coleman: oh my….
[21:51] Jane: Problem is McCain is an old man.
[21:51] Jane: He sounds old.
[21:51] Jane: He is probably a better match for Obama than a hard-line conservative.
[21:52] Jane: Obama can’t beat him on substance.
[21:52] Ron Coleman: Yes, you are onto something, absolutely
[21:52] Ron Coleman: He’s also hard to caracature, unlike a true righty
[21:52] Jane: It comes out in the debate, the same way it came out in Palin’s acceptance speech.
[21:53] Jane: McCain has a long, full substantive record in Congress to back up all his assertions and promises
[21:53] Jane: And Obama has zilch, or worse,
[21:53] Jane: It all came out.
[21:53] Jane: But you have to really be listening.
[21:53] Ron Coleman: Well so much for that!

UPDATE:  Jane points out to me that she listened to the debate on the radio, and didn’t see it on TV, unlike most.  Is this a Nixon / Kennedy debate type thing?


5 Responses to “Jane explains it all”

  1. jaymaster said

    Ruh Roh Ronn!!

  2. David Linn said

    That’s because Jane was listening, unlike others who were sleeping like, presumably, Elroy.

  3. And Elroy… and Elroy… and Elroy…

  4. You married a lawyer? Are you insane? Any normal husband has to lose all arguments. But you, you not only get to lose them, you get cross examined!

  5. Martin, I… had been given certain guarantees, see, and… well…

    Any lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client, you know.

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