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Gazoo — who knew?

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 24, 2008

Dum dum!

Dum dum!

Looking for an image of The Great Gazoo for this post at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, I quickly found and linked to this one at Wikipedia.  My post had, really, nothing to do with Gazoo, but because that post — about Carolyn Elefant‘s new e-book entitled Social Networking For Lawyers — alluded to the “books for dummies” concept, well, obviously who appeared to me but the little guy himself?

So I took a second I don’t have to read the first paragraph of the article, and I saw … this:

The Great Gazoo is voiced by Harvey Korman.

I did not know this!

Did everyone know this but me?

But of course!  Of course that’s Harvey Korman!

Thats Headley, not Heddy!

That's Hedley, not Heddy!

I… I have a soft spot for Harvey Korman.  I blogged about this somewhere when he died, but I can’t find where.  (Did I just imagine it?)  There was something about the fact that he really was, as a comic actor, just a notch above, well, mediocre.  Maybe I feel that if I had pursued an acting career, that’s what I would have actually come across as, not the comic genius I really thought I was, so identified with him.  Well, yeah, Harvey Korman was successful, as these things go, but always as a second banana, and he just wasn’t ever really very good.

But in fact he was delicious.

He was so, so Gazoo!  And both of them seemed, really, across the small screen to me at least, to really be good, good guys deep inside.



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