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The roar of silence

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 23, 2008

Reuters almost seems sympathetic — yeah, we know how it can be! — about the glitches the slowed down the rollout of the annual al Qaeda video festival of mayhem:

The delay of the much-touted 87-minute video, caused in part by the main Islamist websites

Weekend at Osamas

Weekend at Osama's

crashing, has thwarted al Qaeda’s yearly celebration of its attacks on U.S. cities in 2001.

Parts of the video — a compilation of documentary footage and messages by al Qaeda leaders — were aired on September 8 by Al Jazeera television, which did not say how it obtained it.

But the full version hit websites on Friday, eight days after the anniversary.

On it, senior al Qaeda commander Mustafa Abu al-Yazid vowed that Western forces in Afghanistan would face “more large-scale attacks … where they least expect it” and called for militants in Pakistan to step up their fight. . . .

Al Qaeda has marked the anniversary of September 11 in the past with releases including a tape on September 7 last year in which its leader, Osama bin Laden, appeared on video for the first time in nearly three years, addressing the American people.

Yeah, sure he did.  Isn’t the absence of the late mass murderer from the video a journalistically interesting question at all?


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