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What the Jewish-controlled media won’t tell you about 9/11

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 11, 2008

I first published this a few days before September 11th last year. It is still one of my biggest traffic-magnets via search engines, but not for the reason I might have hoped it would be…

Instapundit points to this extraordinary article in the Weekly Standard about the Nazi roots of Al Qaeda, by a German analyst:

What ideas propelled [9/11 plotter Mohammed] Atta and the others to act? . . . . One participant in the Koran circle meetings, Shahid Nickels, said Atta’s Weltanschauung was based on a “National Socialist way of thinking.” Atta was convinced that the Jews were striving for world domination and considered New York City the center of world Jewry, which was, in his opinion, Enemy No. 1. Fellow students who lived in Motassedeq’s dormitory testified that he shared these views and waxed enthusiastic about a forthcoming “big action.” One student quoted Motassedeq as saying, “The Jews will burn and in the end we will dance on their graves.”. . .

Amazingly, neither the American media nor the international press took much notice of this testimony, largely refusing to report on Atta’s and Motassedeq’s explicit Jew-hatred. [I]n this case, involving attackers of Arab background, journalists apparently found the issue irrelevant. . . .

[Similarly,] the 9/11 Commission Report is a case in point. Instead of discussing the fact that Jew-hatred had reached epidemic proportions in the Islamic world well before September 11, the report gives the impression that Islamism originally arose in response to recent American and Western policies. . . .

A struggle against Islamism waged in ignorance of Islamist ideology weakens the West. The attribution of guilt to Israel and the United States adds fuel to the flames of Islamist propaganda and drives the wedge deeper into the Western camp rather than where it belongs–in the Muslim world.

Such blindness is especially hazardous in the case of the Iranian nuclear program, whose danger arises from the unique ideological stew surrounding it: the mish-mash of Jew-hatred, Holocaust denial, and Shiite death-cult messianism that is the context for Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and advanced missiles.

What’s the explanation for this? I would posit a few possible ones:

  • A completely misplaced desire to avoid offending Muslims, who of course should not be offended, if they are indeed moderate, by accurate descriptions of their extremist brethren
  • A similarly misplaced, though relatively benign, desire to avoid, ironically, “blaming” the Jews for “bringing” this attack “on” America — as if to report this twisted, and objectively preposterous rationale would be to vindicate it
  • A left-wing desire to urge as “root causes” of extremist violence Western policies that are conveniently the opposite of their preferred policy prescriptions, coupled with the fact that describing deep-seated Arab antisemitism as a motivation would undermine those very preferred policies (e.g., more pressure to produce Israeli “concessions” from their friendly neighbors who supposedly desire only to live in peace with the their Jew neighbors)

Mix and match, or suggest your own. But don’t expect to read about this in the New York Times.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, across the Pond


2 Responses to “What the Jewish-controlled media won’t tell you about 9/11”

  1. Jack said

    The Other Man, and the Third Man

    You gotta man (The Muslim fanatic, the Nazi Ubermensch) who sees himself as the Superman, as the center of the universe, as the best thing history has ever produced, and as the “natural pinnacle of the Favored of God.” He should be ruling things around him, and everyone else around him. He should be the “navelstone of the Empire of All There Is.”

    You gotta another man (The Jew) who sees himself as the Chosen of God, who the Superman can’t beat, no matter what he does. It doesn’t make sense. You’re the Seal, how can the Jew withstand you? He is so small, so insignificant. So unworthy. It can’t be God, God has told you that you’re the man. It can only be that the Jew is the Devil.

    You got the Third Man (America, the Christian) who is the visible and obvious Superman and Superpower of the world. But how can that be? You are the Superman, you should be the greatest political, and military, and combination secular and sacred power on Earth. You should rule. You should command. Other nations should bow to you as Caliphatos, not be led, swayed, or deceived by infidels, their governments, and their armies. It must be Satan outworking and outsmarting you.

    So you are both the Seal, and the Superman. And yet you, with millions of men, and vast array of resources that others must have, cannot beat the little Devil? You are the Superman, and yet you cannot rid the earth of the Satanic Anti-Superman. You cannot take Jerusalem for your own, and you cannot overthrow modern Constantinople.

    You’re the best there is, meant to rule the world, but you obviously do not. You’re the chosen, and yet others whup you regularly, like a wet dog. It’s gotta grate on your nerves after awhile. Gotta grate pretty bad.

    Enjoy your many failures boys.
    You’re gonna have a whole lot more of em in the future.
    Cause the Other Man and the Third Man, are both more man than you.

    You just haven’t figured it out yet. Or even figured out yet what’s wrong with you.
    But I’ll give you a little hint. It ain’t because you don’t have nuclear weapons yet.

    The reason you can’t stand up to a man in a stand-up fight is because, maybe, just maybe, as a man, as a real man, you’re not even bothering to show up.

  2. jan said

    As usual, an excellent comment, Jack.

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