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Oprah: “I’ll decide, you shut up and watch”

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 6, 2008

The great question of the week has been, will Sarah Palin be able to crack the Democratic Party’s grip on women voters?  Well, what better laboratory to test that question than Oprahworld?  “Content of his character” notwithstanding, Oprah, having already thrown Hillary Clinton overboard and pledged her troth to Obama, made it clear that skin trumps sex in identity politics — she won’t consider having Palin on her show (or would she?)

If I were Sarah Palin I would consider this a gift, frankly.  She may get all the benefit of this backlash without having to sink to an Oprah appearance!  Instapundit rounds up the growing backlash.


3 Responses to “Oprah: “I’ll decide, you shut up and watch””

  1. jaymaster said

    I’m no Oprah fan, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Her official position is “no candidates on my show.” And Obama was on her show months before he was in the running to even be a contender for a spot in the primaries. So I’m willing to let her slide.

    I see this more as a case of Drudge flexing his muscle. And this kerfluffal proves he’s still got it.

  2. I agree with you. I find the story — and the way it is affecting women voters — far more interesting than what appears to be an inoffensive position on Oprah’s part. It’s her show!

  3. Jonathan said

    Palin is at least as big a draw as Oprah is. Nobody likes competition.

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