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Palin comparison

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 5, 2008

Kaus to fellow “conspirators”:

Forget Palin. Stop writing about her. If we make the election about Palin, we will lose. She’ll probably win her debate and will almost certainly handle the interviews well enough (to the satisfaction of the voters, at least, if not the experts). The election’s not about Palin. It’s about McCain. We can beat McCain.

Maybe, maybe not.  But his advice sounds right.  The more they flail on about Governor Palin, the worser it gets for ’em.


5 Responses to “Palin comparison”

  1. jaymaster said

    Interesting. I saw that meme start to gather momentum on some of the lefty blogs last night. That basically, their best bet for dealing with Palin is to just ignore her, and pretend she doesn’t exist. Looks like that strategy is making some headway today.

    I wonder how many of the moonbat lefties will have the discipline to stick with that game plan, though. The internet is a two edged sword….

    Another positive of her pick is that it will be easy to call shenanigans on the MSM if they start to ignore her. One common justification for the over coverage of Obama versus McCain was that Obama is someone new and different and exciting, so they had no choice but to focus on him. Well, guess who’s new and different and exciting now?

  2. Pete Madsen said

    Governor Palin said:
    “America needs more energy; our opponent is against producing it. Victory in Iraq is finally in sight; he wants to forfeit. Terrorist states are seeking nuclear weapons without delay; he wants to meet them without preconditions. Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America; he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights? Government is too big; he wants to grow it. Congress spends too much; he promises more. Taxes are too high; he wants to raise them.”

    How can Obama counter that?

  3. Bob Miller said

    Palin makes the Left go berserk in print and on camera, as they vividly show the nation all their inhuman qualities; they can’t help themselves—what a trip!

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