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Johnny, we hardly knew ye

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 1, 2008

John Hawkins, whose Right Wing News blog is, he says, one of the 15 largest conservative blogs, has been shut out of the GOP convention.  Why?

My best guess as to why I’m not being allowed to go to the RNC is a post I wrote back in March called, “Why I Will No Longer Support John McCain For President.” The piece savagely denounced McCain for his breathtakingly dishonest flip-flop over illegal immigration, was widely linked, and a source of mine inside the campaign told me they were very aware of it.

Of course, it also wouldn’t surprise me if there were some hard feelings over at the Republican National Committee because of some of the things I’ve written; so it’s possible someone over there put the kibosh on me.

There was the time I did a short interview with RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, thought his answers to 4 out of the 5 questions I asked him weren’t very good, and only ran the answer to one question. I’ve also criticized them for supporting RINOs in the primaries, for refusing to try to even the playing field for conservatives in the presidential primaries, and for generally moving backwards since Ken Mehlman left.

Well, okay, those are reasons.  John clearly is not broken up over it and, as he says, the show must go on.  Being true to his principles is certainly preferable to being coopted.


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