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Palin as in mail-in

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 29, 2008

Your vote, that is.  Plus some gelt.  It’s Sarah Palin, America’s first Vice President who asks for directions when she gets lost driving!

John McCain has made his vice presidential pick: the Republican contender will tap first-term Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, is the first female governor of the state. She has been a longtime supporter of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who will accept the Republican nomination for president in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The 44-year-old Palin brings working class roots and appeal to female voters, becoming only the second female vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket and a first for the GOP.

Such the move.  Any time I heard someone mention Romney, I knew that person had no idea what he was talking about.  Run two wealthy white men against the Rainbow Candidate?  Sure death.  In fact, when John Hawkins ran his poll of righty bloggers’ predictions on McCain’s choice, these were the numbers (zero-vote-getters excluded) —

Out of the following VP candidates rumored to be on McCain’s short list, which one DO YOU THINK HE WILL TAKE?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Senator, Texas): 1 (1.5%)
Eric Cantor (Congressman, Virginia): 1 (1.5%)
Rob Portman (Former Congressman, Ohio): 1 (1.5%)
Charlie Crist (Governor, Florida): 2 (3%)
Joe Lieberman (Senator, Connecticut): 2 (3%)
Tom Ridge (Former Governor, Pennsylvania): 2 (3%)
Sarah Palin (Governor, Alaska): 4 (6%)
Tim Pawlenty (Governor, Minnesota): 14 (22%)
Mitt Romney (Former Governor, Massachusetts): 37 (58%)

— who do  you think was one of the four who predicted Palin?  Your host!  I’m good like that — the brilliant prognosticating that I only trot out when it turns out I’m right!

As John explains in another post:

[W]hy would McCain choose Palin? Well, she does have some real strengths.

* The conservative base would love her.
* She would strongly appeal to Hillary voters.
* She would help McCain go head-to-head with Obama on the “change” meme.
* She is probably the best of the women McCain could pick if the rumors about him and Kay Bailey Hutchinson not getting along are true.

What were John’s reservation?

I really don’t think someone with only 2 years of relevant experience (She was elected governor of Alaska in 2006) should be the Vice-President. I also think her selection would undercut McCain’s “not ready to lead” attacks on Obama . . .

He’s in error here, because there are no qualifications or experience required for a job whose main task is attending funerals.  And unlike Obama, she is number two on the ticket, not number one.  That’s a huge difference.  Meanwhile, all the bullet points are huge political positives.

Hurray for America!


14 Responses to “Palin as in mail-in”

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  2. I totally agree with you.

    It’s going to be interesting to see the Dems do the “inexperience” song and dance. My response?

    I didn’t pick Palin (I like her of course, but when push comes to shove…she’s not Obama in the sense that our delegates didn’t pick her).

    So, she’s inexperienced. Given the choice between an inexperienced President who I disagree with, and an inexperienced Vice President with whom I agree with and had no control over picking…what am I expected to do.

    I think she’s a great choice. Go Fiscal Conservatism!!

  3. Freakin’ out excited about it down here in Florida. She’ll also be the first moose huntin’ president or vice-president since Teddy Roosevelt. And her husband will be the first vice-presidential spouse who carries a union card!

  4. laine Zane said

    She is the worst possible choice. No experience, a grating voice, former beauty queen. Shows McCain is getting senile. What was he thinking??? It’s more of the same Bush politics…ugh!

  5. Ara Rubyan said

    I think McCain blew this one.

    He gave away the “inexperienced & unprepared” meme in return for…what? The votes from his own base? Not a great bargain but I guess this late in the game (convention eve) he had to do it. A pro-choice candidate would have invited Armageddon in St. Paul. Not that it would be a bad thing, you understand. Heh.

    As for Palin’s appealing to “Hillary voters” — the time for copping those votes was BEFORE the convention, not after it, Sen. RocketScience. As if a “Hillary voter” could ever vote for someone of Palin’s political persuasion.

    As for going head-to-head with Obama on the “change” meme, go ahead and compare Palin to Obama. I dare you. Then we’ll see if 38 million people watch her (or McCain) give her acceptance speech.

    And lastly, was she really the best woman (after Hutchison)? That’s it? The Republicans have only two women candidates ready to be president? If that’s really true (and I’m skeptical) then y’all are in worse shape for the future than I thought.

    Freakin’ out excited about it down here in Florida.

    I’m sure you are. So are the folks in Boca, especially when they find out she was big for Buchanan. “Oy,” as they say, “gevalt.”

  6. Ara, again, there is a huge difference between the top of the ticket and the VP slot.

    Then again, if you’re suggesting a pro-“choice” candidate for the GOP presidential ticket, we’re not even having remotely the same conversation!

  7. Ara Rubyan said

    Ron, only the Republicans feel like this race is about “experience.” To Democrats and independents it been more about judgment. And, more importantly, the electorate has had nearly two years to see with their own eyes what Obama is made of in that department. Some like him enough to vote for him (18 million in the primaries and probably all of the 38 million who watched his speech). Others never will.

    On the other hand, you’re suggesting that in two weeks, not years, in two weeks Americans will be able to make an informed decision about the quality of Sarah Palin’s judgment?

    Actually it won’t matter: she was picked by McCain (whose judgment is already suspect) and tearfully embraced by the hardest-right-wing core of the Republican party. In other words, the same people who brought us the last eight years of mess in this country.

    And, like Obama said, eight is enough.

  8. Jonathan said

    I was surprised that McCain picked Palin, but in hindsight I think that she was probably the best alternative. The positive reaction from conservative and libertarian bloggers is, IMO, enough in itself to validate the choice. McCain is swimming against the political tide and probably won’t win unless he is bold and plays everything right. Romney isn’t a bad guy and would have been the conventional choice, but he would have further demoralized conservative voters without giving independents much reason to prefer McCain. Pawlenty or Crist would have been even worse. Ridge would have been a disaster. The Palin pick was the kind of calculated risk McCain needed to take. Palin herself looks very good. I hope she withstands the considerable scrutiny she is about to get.

  9. Bob Miller said

    The more the Dems scorn Palin, the more they ruin their own chances. Score one for McCain.

  10. Ara Rubyan said

    Actually, I don’t think the Dems need to scorn her. All they have to do is point out that she wasn’t properly vetted (for example, evidence of which is the lack of questioning of the principals in the Troopergate scandal and the growing doubts that Sarah Palin is the real mother of Trig Palin). All of this indicates what many people already suspects about McCain — that he shoots from the hip and doesn’t deliberate carefully when the stakes are high. It fits with the other things we know about him: the hair-trigger temper, the gambling habit, etc.

    In short, McCain (the white-haired, 3-time cancer guy) is the risky candidate. It’s Obama that is the steady one.

  11. I was going to respond to your “points” at length, but that was before I remembered you are conspiracy nut who wishes the worst on political opponents, and apparently has “the one most likely to survive” as the basis of your political preference.

    Funny to see you mocking “Troopergate” and some outlandish “not her baby” daily kos talking points for the rationally bereaved, when your Candidate is a Chicago politicians, and your VP is Biden…who has nothing but a clean slate (that’s sarcasm). But, it’s not like I can say anything to get you to reconsider, or change your mind anyways…the openmindedness of the openminded I suppose.

  12. DK said

    You’ve got to be kidding. She is such a weak candidate, she will make it exceedingly difficult for the Republicans to steal this election.

    NB: I wonder if DK still stands by this comment from September 1st? — RDC (on September 14th)

  13. Let’s say she was a weak candidate….if anything, Obama has proved to us that that shouldn’t matter, and people on the left have convinced us experience doesn’t mean anything, only judgment…what matters is how you make people feel about you, and so far, she seems to make people feel awesome. So you know what, Kudos there lefties, you’ve convinced me that you’re right…experience doesn’t matter.


    For Ara’s dumb head. Pregnant pictures…obviously forged.

  14. Bob Miller said

    “You’ve got to be kidding. She is such a weak candidate, she will make it exceedingly difficult for the Republicans to steal this election.”

    They’ll just have to satisfy themselves with earning more electoral votes, as in the past.

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