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The last best trope

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 24, 2008


IN THE MAIL: I CAN’T SEE THAT MANY INSTAPUNDIT READERS buying this book. On the other hand, the back-cover question — “How many Democrats does it take to lose the most winnable election in American history” — looks like it may be answered . . . .

Do you ever think about how many consecutive presidential elections Democrats have characterized as “the most winnable election in American history”? I would say that would include every single election that a Republican has won since since after 1980. (No one would have described Carter’s reelection campaign that way.)

This is not merely because Democrats exist in a friendly-media echo chamber. It is because they are constitutionally unable to acknowledge the existence of two sides of issues, much less elections, with any degree of objectivity :

Abortion is not a controversial practice; it is a fundamental human right. Same-sex “marriage” is not a stunning social innovation; it is a basic civil liberty. And George W. Bush… Ronald Reagan… and now John McCain… these are not merely men of unusual achievement and leadership whose views one may disagree with, however vociferously; they are mental and moral midgets deserving of the deepest contempt and comparison with the greatest war criminals of history.

That’s why they think it will do to throw up the likes of the awful candidates they have to oppose, and to argue with a straight face that a silver-spoon mediocrity such as John Kerry is axiomatically superior to a George W. Bush because the latter is alleged to be a silver-spoon mediocrity. That makes perfect sense to a Democrat. Yours is Hitler; what else do you need to know about ours, except that he is very, very great by contrast, and that anyone who disagrees is also a Nazi?

That is why, for Republicans, at the presidential level just about every election is “the most winnable election in American history” — no matter how many times and how unabashedly the national media crown the next JFK. From time to time, Democrats will come up with a Bill Clinton, whose moment will be right, and they will win a cycle of four or eight. But by and large they do not engage seriously, and have no memory; not the slightest understanding of why the galant, heroic John Kerry lost to the most wicked, dumbest President ever in the middle of the wrongest, most immoral war ever waged.

Democrats consider every election to be theirs for the taking because they are so obviously right about such clear axioms of political and moral reality that it hardly matters who leads the ticket, who shares it, or what they say along the way. Every election is theirs to lose because only an idiot or a murderer could disagree with them on the issues.

It is this fact remains our last, best hope. And when time to time it fails us, it is always there next time, not because we believe it, but because they do.

UPDATE:  It rolls on!  “Democratic operatives are enraged that the ‘most arrogant bunch’ they ever saw are ‘on the verge of blowing the greatest gimme in the history of American politics.'”


One Response to “The last best trope”

  1. Anonymous said

    talk about an echo chamber…i have to register and be approved by “” to even add a comment. i only have one, and its pretty short – look up a synonym for “axiom” if you’re really looking to sound smart. i have neither the time nor the energy to actually deal with how simplistic, arrogant, and foolish the rest of this tripe is … capitalize my “i”s.

    Capitalize them yourself… when you get “the time and the energy.” Thanks for stopping by, though. I can’t pay conservatives to fake left-winger “comments” like this! — RDC

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