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Check, please!

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 19, 2008

Lee Stranahan on the John Edwards scandal:

It’s already becoming something people are talking about informally but it’s just a matter of time before lawsuits start because it’s becoming clear that Edwards used campaign money to take his girlfriend on the road with him. Times are hard and this could become a new and innovative economic stimulus plan for Democrats.

(Via IP.) That’s a good one.

Hey, wasn’t Senator Edwards a crack trial lawyer in his day? Let’s see how he works the defense table. (UPDATE:  Great minds….)

Less funny:

New information breaks on the front page of the New York Times last Friday and a DailyKos diarist writes about it. The response is largely pictures of kittens and recipes and people telling the writer to STFU; same basic response that I got when writing about Edwards before I was banned. Yes, I have a personal stake in this but it’s also news. The L.A. Times ran a piece on the ‘feud’ between Kos and me. Markos lied about never having heard of me. His upcoming book has a ‘review’ blurb on Amazon by Elizabeth Edwards. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, though.

What does Glenn Reynolds say? “Meet the new Kos, same as the old boss…”


One Response to “Check, please!”

  1. jaymaster said

    Vanity, thy name is Edwards….

    The record shows that some of us realized something significant was amiss here.

    But I don’t think anyone expected problems of this magnitude.

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