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With donations like that…

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 11, 2008

… you don’t need to sell things:

A bartender from Chicago, Stephanie works two jobs and wants to go back to college to study biology. After her roommate donated her eggs to a fertility clinic, Stephanie, who asked that her real name not be used to protect her privacy, said she decided to help an infertile couple and make $7,000 in the process.

Stephanie said if not for the faltering economy, she would not be donating her eggs. . . . “I make roughly $800 a week. The $7,000 will help, but its not going to pay for an education. I’m still going to have to take out loans,” Stephanie said.

Is selling something for $7,000 called “donating” now? It’s the word ABC uses in the headline, too.

Oh, and “Stephanie” the bartender’s economic analysis? Also donated, evidently. And worth every penny.


2 Responses to “With donations like that…”

  1. Fred Komarow said

    Great picture Ron!

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