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Talking to yourself

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 11, 2008

"Yes, please, tell me more...."

"Yes, please, tell me more...."

I never understood podcasting. Not at all. Evidently, Ann Althouse has seen the light and dropped her podcasts (yes, via IP), but part of her rationale is all the fun she’s having on “Bloggingheads,” which someone must watch. I think her commenter, Bruce, gets the real point:

I never liked the podcast or video format for blogging or anything like blogging. People who read blogs tend to read lots of them and I know I do a lot of skimming. Video is far too time consuming and linear for my tastes except for where video is the essence of the information such as a spectacular short event caught on video. Even then I like having a good summary of what I’m about to watch and how long it will take.

It’s like the difference between window shopping and having some sales person give you an uninterruptable five minute pitch about the particular product they want to sell you. No matter how wonderful and interesting that person and/or product might be, I tend to react like a cat being dragged into a bath tub full of water.

Thank you, Bruce.  Why don’t most people realize that we may be interested in your message, but we don’t really want to hear about it?


2 Responses to “Talking to yourself”

  1. PSoTD said


    I guess I’ve never really understood the appeal of podcasting for bloggers anyway. Don’t want to bother making them, don’t want to bother liste……

  2. Jonathan said

    Voicemail, podcast, broadcast all share a “look at me” quality that I don’t like for most communication. The speaker controls the listener, introducing a manipulative dimension to communication that is not present with text. And of course it’s slow in comparison to written communication.

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