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Beyond resolution

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 10, 2008

It’s not the extramarital affair part, any more than it was with Bill Clinton or Eliot Spitzer, that makes the story-with-a-story about John Edwards newsworthy. Rather it was the indignant denials from his “camp,” the hypocrisy from someone who made moral judgment of others the linchpin of his platform. And in this case — arguably unlike the others — it’s the gross media favoritism shown in ignoring, even squashing, a legitimate news story about a liberal candidate even as both equivalent news and even utterly unsubstantiated smears about conservatives are regarded as fair game in the MSM.

It was last March when I wrote:

John Edwards — whom, I will admit, I never liked politically, though of course our sympathy must go out to him and his family on a personal level — is one of two things:

Either merely an inveterate liar, or a complete moral retard. Democrats are certainly used to having one or the other of those as their candidate, but chances are there’s at least one better one in this year’s field.

I took some heat in the comments back then and played with this issue like an old piece of gum. Well. Is our choice any clearer now?

UPDATE: Hey, and maybe it actually even mattered?

UPDATE: Ouch!  (And more ouch.)


5 Responses to “Beyond resolution”

  1. Fred Komarow said

    When Edwards finally bowed out of the campaign and endorsed Obama, there were rumors flying about that the payback would be a cabinet position. And not just ANY cabinet position…the one I heard and mentioned several times was…get ready for this…Attorney General. Can anyone imagine such a travesty? It would make Janet Reno look like Scalia in (poorly color coordinated) drag.

    On a more present note: will the $400 hair cuts continue?

  2. Bob Miller said

    It’s almost funny that, in one of your links above, Hillary’s campaign guy thinks exposure of the truth about Edwards would have handed her victory in Iowa.

    Exposure of the whole truth about Hillary at any point would have stopped her political career abruptly and totally.

  3. Jonathan said

    It has long been obvious that Edwards is an intellectual and political lightweight. (Remember his debate performance vs. Dick Cheney?) Now it’s undeniable that he is a moral lightweight as well. What’s remarkable is how many people took him seriously as someone qualified to be President. Would they have done so for someone less arrogant (“self assured” ) and physically uglier?

  4. Bob Miller said

    It’s no longer remarkable when voters fall for a superficial lightweight as a candidate. It happens all the time.

  5. Ara Rubyan said

    This is one of those stories that has managed to unite pretty much everyone along the entire spectrum of political opinion.

    Heh: “John Edwards — a uniter, not a divider.”

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