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Soul-balm legislation?

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 27, 2008

Robert Spencer on Muslims and “hate speech” laws:

[T]he unrelenting and unanimous practice among Muslims of labeling any honest discussion of the elements of Islam that jihadists use to teach violence and supremacism as “hate” will bear bitter fruit in this: if it indeed becomes illegal in the U.S. to say something that Muslims deem offensive, it will be impossible for us to speak about the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism precisely as they are advancing here.

Well, usually “bitter fruit” means it is the person planting who someday will wince at the eating of it. I’m afraid the consumers in this example are the rest of us, unless Bob means that instead of talking about it, non-Muslims in the West will do something worse.

Which is hardly likely.

Cross-posted on Right-Wing News.


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