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Phoenix, God’s oven

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 24, 2008

Beautiful plaza in God’s oven, Phoenix

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman

This is a really beautiful picture that, in the air conditioned comfort of home and after using two different computer programs to leach the excess photons out of it, actually makes Phoenix look like a place you would want to be in the summer for one or two minutes.

Have I mentioned that it’s not?

I could barely even open my eyes while taking this picture. That was with sunglasses. Dark ones. Of course there was also a waterfall in front of me. You never heard of the waterfall in the middle of the western Arizona desert? Yeah. Coleman Falls. It runs off my scalp down the smooth bed of my shiny forehead, cascades right past my squinting eyes, and deposits in the gentle basin forming around my shirt collar.

But with computer simulation, it almost as if the color green could be perceived by human sight in Phoenix in July. So you enjoy that.


9 Responses to “Phoenix, God’s oven”

  1. jan said

    Ugh, I can just imagine the heat radiating from all that pavement…

  2. jaymaster said

    Your Jewish bias is showing.

    (Anti-desert, and such)

  3. Avigdor MBawlmawr said

    Can you change the temperature on Yom Tov? Are you allowed to make a waterfall on Shabbos? And, fine writer that you are, please don’t use words (scalp) in the same sentence. I know, it’s not billable.

  4. Avigdor, by God’s grace it appears that I am a nifty little writer. But I must not be much of a reader, because I have no idea what you’re talking about (scalp)!

    Oh wait a minute. You meant to say “don’t use words TWICE in the same question”!

    Fixing. Thanks.

  5. jaymaster said

    And lest anyone feel offended (or baffled) by my previous comment, I was trying to make funny WRT a comment at Ron’s other blog yesterday.

    I assumed that if you’re reading this one, you’re also reading that one. But that’s probably not always the case.

  6. Jack said

    “Have I mentioned that it’s not?”

    That made me laugh.

    “And lest anyone feel offended (or baffled) by my previous comment, I was trying to make funny WRT a comment at Ron’s other blog yesterday.”

    That’s okay Jay, I just thought you were being facetious about Jews wandering in the desert.

  7. jaymaster said


    Yes, I was trying to do that. And a bit more.

    But yay! Somebody understood my attempt at humor!

  8. I have never met a Jew who wasn’t in favor of dessert.

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