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Clogging up the lanes

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 20, 2008

At the grocery store, that is. We’ve all seen this. I’ve noticed it before: America’s underclass is eating itself to death.


9 Responses to “Clogging up the lanes”

  1. Ara said

    It isn’t just the “underclass,” Ron.

  2. No, it isn’t. It’s horrifying what I see around me.

    But Ara, I have been fascinating to observe that in general, the higher one goes up through the ranks of the professional and corporate worlds — at least in New York — the lower and lower the average weight gets. There are notable, almost famous exceptions, but they tend to prove the rule.

    Same thing with smoking.

  3. jaymaster said

    At least they’ve got this going for them:

    In all seriousness, this trend has intrigued me for a long time. It’s a 180 degree reversal from a century ago.

    I don’t think it’s a completely bad thing. But it would be an interesting topic for further research.

  4. Ara Rubyan said

    I think a lot of it is due to nutrition. More specifically, so much of what is (seemingly) cheap, readily available, easy-to-prepare food — and not all of it “fast food” — is simply bad for you. And when you suggested in the post that the “underclass” was eating itself to death, there is an element of truth to that: they are the ones more likely to buy this stuff than, say, better educated individuals or those that live in areas with more choice.

    Ever read Dr. Oz? He’s pretty good on this topic.

  5. Fred Komarow said

    I think all classes of people are overeating themselves to death. To those who have experienced a lavish “kiddish” (refreshments offered en masse following morning Sabbath prayers) gluttony can be seen as a privilege of the upper classes who have no class to speak of.

    Saddest fact of this obesity “epidemic” is that many of these two legged Hindenbergs think of themselves as “victims”, as if somehow society is to blame for their inability to stop gorging themselves 24/7.

  6. Fred Komarow said

    Oh yeah–Ron: you ‘da man.

  7. Fred, you and I are thinking of the same thing. But at least the prosperous potbellies of Passaic don’t blame their condition on anything but their wives. Still and all, I know you go to the supermarket. Ever see what’s in the wagon of the customer ahead of you with that urban profile? Nothing but carbs and salt. That’s if you can see past the wide load. At least our fellow kiddush-shtuppers have some protein in their lives.

    As to comment 6, well, Fred, shucks!

    (Fred and I go back a waaaays folks!)

  8. Fred Komarow said

    Ron, I’d be somewhat consoled if the fressers among us blamed themselves just a little bit for their condition. And their kids who are increasingly filling up larger amounts of air space- what of them?

    Its amazing how much protein is contained in rugelach and black/white cookies. Or is that just a perception?

  9. Pete Madsen said

    What a country, where the poor people are fat!

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