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No, you first!

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 13, 2008

Timothy Noah reveals an uncomfortable truth about the Warren Christopher / James Baker Road Show:

Congress doesn’t want to streamline its role in declaring war, because, for all its bluster (not to mention its constitutional responsibility), Congress doesn’t want to be held politically accountable for the results. . . .

Congress has all the war-making power it needs, and considerably more than it wants. The latter problem can’t be solved legislatively. Cowardice, opportunism, and indecision inhabit a realm beyond the reach of law, and you’d think that two experienced hands like Baker and Christopher would understand that better than most.

You have to already wonder why anyone would want to listen to two mediocre former secretaries of state about almost anything.  The fact that they’re not the worst-ever retirees from that position (a group that includes Cyrus Vance and of course Ramsay Clark) doesn’t help.

But Noah is right:  Congress wants plausible deniability, above all.  Look how nicely that played out over the Iraq War, after all.


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