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Bozo, RIP

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 4, 2008

Larry Harmon died.

He was not Bozo in New York, I think, so he wasn’t all Bozos to all men, yet as the AP story points out, “Larry Harmon wasn’t the original Bozo the Clown, but he was the real one.”

I was on the Bozo show in New York. Just in the gallery; you won’t remember me. (Unlike my turn on Birthday House, when I got my head stuck for a couple of seconds in that fence on the front step.) I did not achieve my dream of being “Butch” for that day (explained here; scroll down), but I had not let my hopes get that high; that sort of thing, I already knew, doesn’t happen to me.

But my brother did win a Marble Raceway. Yep, same episode.

Sad, how life can be. July 4th and we gained liberty, but lost Jefferson, Adams … and now, Bozo.

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