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Martindale and me. Ok, well, mostly me.

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 3, 2008

I only mention this here because we can talk. It’s just a few of us who read the blog, and by now we’re mostly pretty good friends and no one here is going to take this wrong way. I mean, the premise of most blogs, including this one, is some aspect of self-promotion, yeah, but that’s not my point here, right? By now it’s pretty much just us guys and we all know where we stand vis-à-vis each other. The post is pretty self indulgent, though, even for a blog, even for one of my blogs, but if you’re interested in kind of higher-end lawyer marketing thingies you might find it instructive.

A little while ago I kicked up a little lawyer-directory dust by axing the musical question, Why does upstart lawyer – ranking – promotion – and – directory service rank me so super high and all? This was meant as an entirely honest question in light of the fact that I know who the real killers are in this profession and I in all unsimulated modesty I wasn’t so so sure I was one of them.

Fine, I was sufficiently… humbled… on that point.

Now it turns out that (somewhat embattled) Martindale-Hubbell, the definitive (and remarkably costly, to firms) old-line law directory rapidly catching up to the Internet age, is showing me some cyber – law – marketin’ – lovin’ too. Tell me this isn’t kind of cool:

Ronald D. Coleman Lawyer Profile on
Visibility Rankings
#68 out of 53,913 lawyers in New York, New York
#862 out of 892,508 total lawyers Overall

Number 68 out of the whole New York City? Really? I must be very successful!

At something. Like getting people to look me up.

Isn’t attention useful when paying your electric bill? I know in Heaven that is one of the first question they ask at the pearly gates: “Coleman, Ronald, eh? Jewish name, Henech ben Yankiv. Hmmm…. mixed bag here I see but — hey, nice page view stats!”

I suppose 862 out of 892,508 nationwide is cool, too. Top one-tenth of 1%, right? But, er, you know how we New York types are. So, yeah, of course, that’s nice. But 68 out of almost 54,000 is such an incredible achievement….

Of getting looked up. Do I maybe get, I dunno, some coupons or something?

I also like how they’ve integrated, which is improving phenomenally as a grownup networking tool, into Martindale, though I don’t quite understand how they did that. I just see that my profile has a LinkedIn icon.

Whoa — ok! I just clicked the icon and it said, hey, you want to connect your LinkedIn profile to Martindale? Of course, natch, that’s the idea, right? Okay, so somehow it knew it was me in both places, but it didn’t know it was me reading the profile. Okay, that I like. So, fine, what happens now when you click the icon is it tells you how, once you’re identifed as a LinkedIn user yourself, how you’re already connected to the profile on Martindale you’re reading. Which in my case was easy, okay, but… wow. Pretty cool.

Another pleasant surprise: My AV rating kind of got upgraded, too. That’s a gooood rating. I actually was “awarded” this rating when I was an associate at the old Pitney Hardin law firm in New Jersey. I haven’t met anyone else who was rated AV as an associate (i.e., means of production) in a big firm, though I am sure there are other such people. But —

Humility break, kind of: That ranking didn’t mean Pitney Hardin even remotely considered me for partnership. In a firm where virtually no one without government service tries cases to juries, I had just tried and won a jury trial, got a “no judgment” verdict where the exposure was in the seven figures, on behalf of a fairly important firm client — Volvo Cars of North America. The firm’s response? They offered to transfer me to the corporate department!! Nice touch.

— my listing in New York always had this kind of asterisk on it next to the AV, because, really, I had “earned” it while practicing out of state. It was a way for Martindale to say, on the New York listing, “this guy is really good! For New Jersey, that is.” Evidently they’ve changed that somewhat; according to their FAQ, it now goes like this:

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings are generally transferable within state boundaries. If a lawyer moves to a different state, his or her rating will appear in the Law Directory with the state abbreviation, indicating that it was established in another state or province.

Well, guess what? No abbreviation, dude! Looks like by virtue of the last few years having my mail sent to this side of the river, I is … legitimated!

They like me! They really, really like me!

If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!

You… you could look it up!

UPDATE:  Maybe this is even easier than I thought — Monday, July 7th:

Visibility Rankings
#18 out of 53,806 lawyers in New York, New York
#344 out of 892,089 total lawyers Overall

One Response to “Martindale and me. Ok, well, mostly me.”

  1. Ron said

    Congrats on the NYC rating, but I’ve got you on the Overall!
    Robert (#170 Overall; was 127,000 Overall about a week ago!)

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