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The last time, as parody

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 30, 2008

I don’t go to the movies. Long story; I don’t. And we don’t have a TV. So I don’t usually know what’s going on Hollywood wise until I travel on business. Then I put on the (free) TV while eating my peanut butter sandwiches in my hotel room and maybe catch up with a few pieces of some movies.

Long story short, I’m in Phoenix again in a nicely chilled room at the Hyatt, and there on HBO is a Elliott Gould, the subject of one of the first posts on this blog, doing the worst Borscht Belt version of a Mayer Lansky I have ever seen. “Reuben Tishkoff.” (In the pic at left he’s doing a Swifty Lazar turn. Groan.)

I am sure he was thinking it would be fun to go over the top with this, but need we be reminded that Elliott — as I was in that post — already pushed this with his appearances on “Friends”? Really, if Hollywood weren’t run by the Jews you could get Abe Foxman to put out a press release over group libel like this.

Just saying. This was painful, and Reuben’s vaudevillian heart attack right at the beginning turn left me pretty ambivalent. Didn’t exactly inspire me to stay up and watch the movie. It was late and I was three hours behind the game anyway. And don’t even mention Continental Airlines.

It wasn’t what I needed at 11 PM in Phoenix, you know, feeling like the only… “Easterner”… on the street.


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