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The bloggers, the Associated Press and the Media Bloggers Association

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 18, 2008

You can’t have missed the story (indeed an earlier version of this post was on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®), in all its agony — its schlepped-out, melodramatic agony.  I link to Glenn Reynolds because he’s a good aggregator here, but also because it’s interesting to see how he’s gotten caught up in this, too.

One weensy problem with the blogosphere: It’s so quick, so supple, so instantaneous, so plastic… that it is also reactive, and in its own way, reactionary. Its reactions have the tendency, from time to time, of pouring flames on fires, and painting parties and their antagonists into corners neither wants to be in.  That’s what has happened to some extent with the Drudge Retort story.

In contrast, Bob Cox of the Media Bloggers Association (MBA) demonstrates what a grownup blogger attitude could look like.

Yes, I am involved in these discussions, as general counsel of the Media Bloggers Association, and am not wholly objective. But I do believe that the overheated nature of the j’accuse crowd speaks for itself.

UPDATE: Oh my gosh!  Really, the comments in that discussion run mostly along two lines:  “Don’t confuse me with the facts,” and “I don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon!”  At one point — several actually — Rogers Cadenhead himself actually checks in to clear the air.  He’s the Drudge Retort guy himself who got the DMCA takedown notices, and all the outraged “experts” tell him, “Shut up, what the hell do you know?”


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