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Poison drinks

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 16, 2008

Poison drinks

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman

What possible justification can the nanny state have in permitting sugar water colored with melted crayons for human consumption?

This is really, to paraphrase Snapple, the worst stuff in the world.


4 Responses to “Poison drinks”

  1. craig mclaughlin said

    “colored with melted crayons for human consumption?”

    Are melted crayons water soluble? Be waxy wouldn’t it? I think its more likely that those drinks are colored with FOOD COLORING. Probably not paraffin based at all.

    Certainly not Toxic.


    You should be ashamed.


  2. jaymaster said

    Um, Craig, I think you missed the point.

    This picture is obviously a metaphor for the Obama campaign.

  3. Obviously it’s food coloring, Craig! I wanted to convey the artificiality of the thing, though.

    Um… Obama?!

  4. jaymaster said

    Re, Obama. It’s the political Koolaid thing.

    It’s all just sugar water with some artificial flavoring and colors thrown in for variety.

    But people keep drinking it.

    And I just noticed I forgot to unbolden a bit there. Sorry.

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