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Shoes drop, crows roost, the whole thing

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 1, 2008


SO WHY — AFTER FAILING TO DO SO WHEN IT WOULD HAVE DONE HIM THE MOST GOOD — did Obama decide to quit the Trinity Church now? Larry Johnson says that another shoe is about to drop. Hmm. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Related item here.


The sub theme is Michelle Obama who, I kind of had a sneaking suspicion, was going to “help” flush out certain… issues here.

It’s not really a surprise, because it was always preposterous to argue that Barack Obama could get as far as he did, as fast as he did, whence he did, and be “different.” Precisely because he did all those things, we knew this was wrong.

In fact, he reminds very much of another young, ambitious politician — Bill Clinton — who had the whole thing mapped out from very early on but, far from being a different politician, only came to epitomize how a new, slicker generation works the system. Clinton made the “mistake” of losing some elections up front, while Obama locked onto the abundant teat of Chicago politics, which dispenses only sure things.

But despite the gifts of brilliant plans, talent and motivation, Barack and Bill could never have actualized their ambitions without great women at their side. And, as Clinton before him — and, as we may yet see, perhaps even more so? — Obama is seeing that there is sometimes a harsh price to pay for the super-talented, modern, accomplished woman fit to play that role and yet subsume, or seem to subsume, herself in her husband’s political career.

One way or another, that bill will be paid.


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