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A new way we’re all racists

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 1, 2008

Black bloggers “fight to make [their] voices heard,” says the SF Chronicle (via Glenn, again):

With its power-to-the-individual approach, the new media world promises anyone with a laptop the possibility of a publishing empire. But, as some black bloggers are finding out, the new media world is a lot like the old one: racially segregated, with many prominent black voices still fighting to be heard.

“The progressive [sic] blogosphere is segregated,” said McCauley, whose What About Our Daughters blog was accepted to the DNC’s blogger pool. Essence magazine named McCauley one of its 25 most influential people last year alongside Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and filmmaker Tyler Perry. “Black bloggers link to other black bloggers, and progressive [sic] white bloggers link to other white progressive [sic] bloggers,” she said.

How progressive! It makes you want to spit. “Progressive.” Puh-lease.

For the rest of us, though, and this “fight” to “be heard”: Is there a widget that flags which blogs are written by black people and which ones are written by white people? Does it work in WordPress? Can I view it on Firefox? Is that why everyone knows I’m a sheeny? Because maybe it’s my stupid right-wing bias and stuff, but I have no idea which blogs are written by blacks and which ones are written by whites unless their authors make a point of it, and even then I most assuredly don’t care.

I’m a blogger. I link to stuff that is bloggable. I am desperate for topics regarding which I think I can say something unique. I’m going to only go to white folks’ blogs for links? Well, if I were progressive, says the article, that’s what I would do. Somehow I would know they’re white peoples’ blogs. Lack of rhythm, maybe. Nasal pixels. I would just know.

“I don’t know why that is,” said Gina Cooper, executive director of the Netroots Nation conference. After last year’s second annual convention, she expressed her frustration about the lack of diversity.

Well, as regressive, here’s why I wouldn’t link to the “progressive” black peoples’ blogs listed in the article:

Some African Americans see an easier chance to have their voices heard in the online world, and black voices there are growing not only in number but in influence. . . .

San Francisco’s, which envisions itself as the “black MoveOn[]” . . . has grown from 100,000 members to 417,000 over the past year, many of whom joined the organization after it publicized the Jena incident and pressured the Congressional Black Caucus to oppose Fox News’ plans to host a presidential debate.

They pressured the Black Caucus to boycott Fox News. That’s the “color of change”? That’s progressive?

No, with attitudes like that I don’t see black or white. I just see red.


2 Responses to “A new way we’re all racists”

  1. Phelps said

    Actually, it is pretty easy. The black blogs almost all have “black” or “afro” or “negro” on the front page, if not the title of the blog. Really. If it isn’t there, they probably aren’t black.

  2. […] solace regarding our melanin deficiencies in our endowments of underlying flesh, turn out to be no-good racists again on that score […]

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