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Nobody move or the Republican gets it!

Posted by Ron Coleman on May 27, 2008

Remember that quote from Blazing Saddles? Same idea here, right? Not quite:


I do not believe you’re going to teach anyone a “lesson” by sitting this one out or writing in Fred Thompson or Sunny Lucas. I believe that way too many people are ignoring the forest for the trees and that in doing so, they’re going to have a hand in electing Obama. Some say that’s fine because if the country’s going to be “ruined”, better that it’s ruined by a Democrat, and somehow magically we’ll come up with a fantastic, “real” conservative in 4 years even though there is no one like that on the horizon and everyone knows it. Like I said, I think that’s a super-crappy plan.

Sounds familiar. It’s like I told you months ago: Youth is wasted on the conservative.


One Response to “Nobody move or the Republican gets it!”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    “None of the above” sounds good…on paper. It doesn’t usually work out that way.

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