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Small world

Posted by Ron Coleman on May 7, 2008

Subway rider

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman.

On the way to court this afternoon my paralegal and I shared the number 5 subway with the Mayor of the City of New York! That’s the Honorable Michael Bloomberg right there.

He was blocking the door, completely contrary to the instructions clearly posted in the subway. But, you know, he is an old guy, so I didn’t give him any aggravation over it. Still, rules are rules. I did suggest to the paralegal that she should mostly be impressed by the fact that neither of us had ever been that close to that much money before, but — being a drooling fan of the Mayor herself — she just nodded, tight-lipped.

We got off at the same stop — City Hall, of course, where the courthouses are too. This is easily one of the worst-off subway stops I have any regular truck with in Manhattan. You’d think the Mayor would have some pull on this!

Good day in court, too, except on the merits of the motion being made to dismiss my client’s case. But I sounded great. You know, a nice resonant vocal quality can be its own reward (something I have over the Mayor, mind you). Luckily we are billing by the hour on this so I don’t have to rely on that, however.


One Response to “Small world”

  1. mary said

    I hope the mayor wasn’t the rider with the bedbug on his caboose.

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