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Posted by Ron Coleman on April 29, 2008

I don’t usually comment on Instalanches, since my first or second one way back on the other blog. (I have considered writing, “Welcome, I guess, Instapundit readers! Please don’t look around at our other posts here, okay? Nothing that would be of interest to you. Move along, move along…” but wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea!)

But the one that is still shaking this post, generated here, is kind of interesting because of the bloggin’ company I’m in, which is fairly high rent for me. Pretty much all, as Sy Sims says, “names you must know.”

Does this mean something?!

Not hardly. Mainly it’s about timing, once — admittedly — you merit having Glenn read your Technorati pingbacks, and in this case I happened to be a little ahead of the story. Well, actually, as I point out (modestly as ever) in my post, a ways ahead. Fine.

Tomorrow, though, 99% of that traffic will have moved to some other part of what I call “Instapundit’s comments section,” i.e., the lumpen moderate rightosphere, mostly. But hey, we’re part of all that here. Why? The money, of course. And the perks, natch.

Plus the opportunity to utterly rule out any chance of any sort of public service opportunity implicating Senate approval.

And that precious, luscious, gone-overnight Instapundit traffic — no matter what!!


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