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Roosting season

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 28, 2008


Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (“God damn America”) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

(Via Insty.)  You’re still all missing the point.  Yesterday Rev. Wright received a standing ovation for essentially the same speech.  Not from some fringe group, but from the NAACP.

This is mainstream thinking among the black elite in this country, it seems, and certainly in the black churches — and Obama Barack, at best, believes he can at best inch away from it in order to corral votes from the rest of us.

And I told you this months ago, before the story was Rev. Wright himself.

And only now are those chickens, if you will, coming home to roost.


19 Responses to “Roosting season”

  1. A lot of non-blacks will NOT vote for a black politician, NOT because of his/her race, but because a dismayingly large majority of black politicians, civic leaders and celebrities ascribe to the politics of disaffection that are anathema to most Americans. Barack Obama chose from his teens on to be “all black” despite his actual background. He is NOT Colin Powell, who wouldn’t have been saddled with all this baggage.

  2. If a most African Americans are pissed off with America, with a list of specific grievances, perhaps– just maybe– those grievances have some substance.

    It’s not like America has a history of mal-treatment of African Americans or anything…

  3. Tood said

    I have yet to see any black Americans leave America for some country that supposedly would treat them better. Why don’t we see an black people leaving to go to Canada? Britain? Or how about South Africa? Liberia? Kenya?

    Until I see them moving, everything they say is B.S. They did move from the South to the North for similar reasons once. Why aren’t they going to a place that is better than America?

  4. Louise Cate said

    Rev. Wright (at the NAACP)-VERSUS- Rev. Wright (at his church)

    I just watched Rev. Wright’s speech at the NAACP meeting, and I believe he is a well-trained actor who slants his performance to appeal to the audience for whom he is performing. This means that who Rev Wright appears to be depends on where you see him perform.

    When Rev. Wright spoke at the Detroit NAACP meeting on 4/27/08, he played an entirely different role than the role he plays when he gives a sermon at his church:
    · In front of the NAACP he wore an attractive brown suit, white shirt, and tie. At his church he wears some sort of African type costume.
    · At the NAACP he stayed behind the podium and presented a primarily left-brain lecture on the topic, “Different does not mean deficient”. At his church he is frequently all other his stage acting like a wild, ranting, emotional, right-brain personality, pushing hate and anger towards whites, the US, Jews, and anyone that see the world differently than he does.
    · At the NAACP meeting he asserted that children of European origin are primarily left-brain, cognitive, and object oriented, while children of African origin are primarily right-brain, creative, and subject oriented, which sounded a little like racist profiling, but Wright won’t be criticized for it. I wonder if Wright ever gave a similar lecture to his church congregation.

    Although Rev. Wright kept emphasizing that “different does NOT mean deficient”, it is clear that if you don’t see things the way he does, he thinks you are deficient. He claims to be committed to changing how he treats others, and it will be interesting to see if he is able in the future to treat whites, Jews, the US government, etc. more respectfully than he has in past sermons at his church. The sermons are available for purchase at the website for his church and “snippets” from those sermons show a side of Rev. Wright that he did not disclose during his speech at the NAACP meeting. For example:
    · Rev. Wright accused the US government of creating the AIDs virus to kill Africans. Scientists have shown that AIDs originated in West Africa, so Rev. Wright is either very dumb or very evil to blame the US government for AIDs.
    · Rev. Wright said 9/11 was America’s “chickens coming home to roost”. He ignores all the good the US has done and sees only the mistakes the US has made. He also ignores the evil in the world done by many other countries that is MUCH worse than anything ever done by the US. For example: communist Russia killed 65 million, communist China 30 million, and Nazi Germany 20 million.
    · Rev. Wright screamed “God Damn America!” Most ministers would ask God to bless and help America become a better country. How would Wright feel if other ministers in their sermons said “God Damn Rev. Wright”? Would Wright feel that was appropriate? Would that help Wright to become a better person?

    Since Rev. Wright has been Obama’s pastor for over 20 years, I think it is very important that people know who Rev. Wright really is and what he believes, so they have a better understanding of who Obama really is and what he believes.

  5. Gary Ogletree said

    Black racism has always been excused for one reason or another. Unchallenged by responsible adults and nourished by academia, it’s now grown to a level that cannot be ignored. Taboo subject or not. This typical white person has seen enough tax money squandered on a community that largely refuses to take responsibility for itself. White folks stood up again and again to redress old wrongs, provide equal opportunity. Forty years have passed. Enough already. When are we going to hear from the adults in the black community?

  6. JorgXMcKie said

    Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t anyone else remember a commercial funded by the NAACP that involved a pickup truck pulling chains, which was obviously meant to link Bush to three Texas men who murdered a black man by dragging him to death? (James Byrd? I think.) All Bush had to do with that was to be governor at the time. I think two got the death penalty and one got life in prison.

    And now the NAACP has the gall to get testy over linking Obama through his 20 year association to Wright?

    And for the ‘Punning Pundit’ I’ve got a question. What grievance, exactly, am I responsible for. Because I think if after that crack he can’t come up with one then I’m done trying to help. I’m getting damned sick of accusation hurled at me (and others) and not a doggone word of thanks for any good I have done.

  7. Indga said

    This black person will not vote for Barack Obama at all. Obama knew before he was baptized at Wright’s church (the other pastors with whom he had had contact had warned him) that Wright was a radical. Yet, Obama went there. Wright is not only a radical, he is also a racist. Since Obama was forewarned of Wright by other pastors, I am left to conclude that Obama himself is a radical. Since he sat in Wright’s church for 20 years and heard inflammatory racial rhetoric, I am also left to conclude that Obama himself, despite all his protestations to the contrary, is a racist. I will not vote for a racist of any color. Had Senator Allen of VA (he of the macaca comment) had a KKK-er as his pastor, he would have been roundly denounced by all and shunned. The liberal elites are not denouncing Obama, but this black woman is both denouncing and shunning him. It is time we got past the politics of racial grievance and hatred; it is time that black America looked in the mirror and saw the author of its ills.

  8. gm said

    Thanks Indga.

    I was a teen when Martin Luther King was assasinated and marched in his memory. I look for grievance and hatred to end, and I see the signs of it in people of both races socializing and enjoying each other. I am really shocked by hatred and lies (government causing AIDS) coming from a church. Our political ‘leaders’ must be the solution, not the source of more division.

    We should have one rule for all. Lets us all build each other up.

  9. Ara said

    It’s a real stretch to imply that Obama secretly believes the same things that Wright believes, either overtly or covertly.

  10. Saint Patton said

    Sure, and if I were to happen to be present at KKK rallies for the last twenty years it would also be a “real stretch” for you to imply that I believe the same things the Klanners believe, either overtly or covertly.

    But you would suspect anyway, wouldn’t you, and for good reason.

    But for the sake of argument let’s say Obama doesn’t subscribe to Wrights crackpot theology, why did he stay at the church for twenty years? Pandering to the black community?

    Either way, Obama looks like either a freak or a fraud.

  11. Anna Keppa said

    Can anyone imagine Martin Luther King Jr. sitting in a pew for twenty years listening to Wright’s paranoid and racist tirades?

    Neither can I.

  12. Robert H said

    Those in the racial hatred business, like Wright and Sharpton, do not want a Black to become President. The moment that happens, the whole Whitey hates us scam is over. The sad fact is that a majority of white voters were quite willing to elect a Black President. But they now will not vote for Obama based on his long term associations with racist pastors, left wing terrorists, and corrupt Chicago politicians. Which racial panderers like Wright will slander as racism to increase their own power and profits. How despicable….

  13. Jim Rockford said

    Punning Pundit, my list of grievances going back to third grade would be quite long too. At some point you just have to let it go.

    Number of Blacks lynched by whites in 2007: 0.
    Number of Blacks murdered by other Blacks in gang related activities in 2007: ??? But certainly in the thousands.

    Wright told Obama (recounted in Dreams From My Father: a Story of RACE and INHERITANCE) that black kids were likely to be killed anywhere. False. Black kids are safer in Klan bastions than Black neighborhoods. Sad but true.

    Blacks are 12% of the population. Extorting money out of whites to push down race-baiting of whites to a dull roar was affordable in good times. These are not good times. The majority population will not support it any more. What you are seeing is the ending of that system. To put it another way, the assassination of Rev. King was forty years ago. Roughly akin to the Crash and 1968.

  14. willis said

    “If a most African Americans are pissed off with America, with a list of specific grievances, perhaps– just maybe– those grievances have some substance.”

    Maybe so, or maybe there’s a lot of affirmative action to be had by claiming they do. In either case I’m not about to vote for someone who can’t wait to act on his grudge against me.

  15. M. Simon said

    It’s a real stretch to imply that Obama secretly believes the same things that Wright believes, either overtly or covertly.

    Of course Obama doesn’t believe that stuff. It is an insult to say he does. He went to that church for 20 years for other reasons. He got baptized in that church for other reasons. He got married in that church for other reasons. He donated big bucks to that church for other reasons. He sent his daughters to that church for other reasons.

  16. M. Simon said

    The KKK was the militant wing of the Democrat party. They drove Republicans out of the South.

  17. Jack said

    It’s an old, old story.
    One man conquers by what he overcomes.
    The other is conquered by what he never could…

    I nurtured grievance in my heart
    I let it grow, no end, no start
    The past the same as any day
    The future but another way
    In which I could reclaim my grudge
    So that seeking might adjudge
    Outwards from the place I sat
    For there I sank and did begat
    A newer gripe when old was stale
    For what is home but captured hell?

    Within that man that never sleeps
    Except to wake the harm he keeps
    A’nurtured in his ticking heart
    Until it kills his better parts
    There lives a dead thing obsolete
    A’growing heavy with deceit
    Which eats at men unsated yet
    Those self-condemned without regret –
    And yet he thinks it marvelous
    To drag along, his albatross
    With which he sails the seas of life
    Forever wrecked by his own strife…

  18. Michael said

    It amazes me how so many black Americans think they are the only ethnic group to ever have been wronged. I think the Chinese who built the railroads could speak to that; the Italians & Irish who immigrated and where hated and shunned could also speak to it; the Scots-Irish were the ugly step-child nobody wanted–not the Scots, the Irish, the Puritans, The Quakers nor the Cavaliers. So they were spit on and sent out to the backcountry to eek out a living and an existence. Bottom line is that in America it is not what you have suffered that sets you apart and ENTITLES you to something, but what you have done to overcome it that EARNS you the opportunity to achieve it. Why is it so many other ethnic groups have come here and succeeded majorly? Why is it so many hispanics today risk life, limb, & deportment to get a chance to come here and stay? When people (black, white, purple, orange, male/female–whatever) take ownership for their own success or failure then they get a seat at the table. You get what u put in.

  19. Mike said

    Listen: either Barack Obama is too weak a man to stand up to someone like the Rev. Wright, or he is too stupid to see what is directly in front of his face. Either way, I don’t see how it adds up to presidential material.

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