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“Tests Confirm T. Rex Kinship With Birds”

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 24, 2008

New York Times:

In the first analysis of proteins extracted from dinosaur bones, scientists say they have established more firmly than ever that the closest living relatives of the mighty predator Tyrannosaurus rex are modern birds.

Hoo boy. Here come the paternity suits!


3 Responses to ““Tests Confirm T. Rex Kinship With Birds””

  1. jaymaster said


    Rex au vin.

  2. Jack said

    This has interesting implications concerning species extinction.
    From a genetic point of view.

    It may be that there is an operative mechanism which suppresses geneto-species extinction by recombinant modification of an existing hyper-genome or mega-genome (in the Greek sense, not MEGA the software).

    For instance if conditions change radically enough, or other elements which might contribute to the extinction or near extinction of a species through natural means, or even possibly artificial means (such as man hunting a thing into extinction), then the overall genotype is still preserved in radically new forms that might bear no, or small, morphological (although a thing might still bear a distinct anatomical association) similarity to the original species, but is still genetically almost identical.

    Of course in this case a 90% genetic correlation is really meaningless, a huge species gap could lie in a ten percent variation of overall genotype. Take humans and gorillas of example who are much closer genetically than 90% correspondence.

    And of course it is only one analysis, and only the first according to this article to be tested by these means but it does seem to give a possible clue as to how recombinant processes things might functionally operate in a realignment crisis.

    I’ll have to read the Science article.

    But it may point to the overall preservation over time of geneotypes, forms, genomes, or some other related structures, and built in realignment capabilities. Or maybe offshoot capabilities.

  3. Bob Miller said

    Don’t you know
    About the bird?

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