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Why they know it all

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 22, 2008

Mickey Kaus quotes Chris Matthews on his Pennsylvania prediction for Hillary —

Eight points. I think eight points is the over/under. If she gets a victory of less than 8 I think shes going to have a hard time arguing that she should stay in this race. …. [S]he cant call it a victory winning five or six or seven up here. Shes got to get at least an 8.

And then, thank God, adds:

I wish I could report that he said it with a knowing, ironic appreciation for its absurd arrogance. …

Yes, and no, Mickey.   Yes on the arrogance, but maybe not for the reason you think.  The fact is that Matthews is 100% right:  That eight points is exactly the margin of victory he, himself — and his friends in the Business — will declare to be “the one.”  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, not a prediction of some phenomenon based on an analysis of objectively observable phenomena.

And yes, yes, it is arrogant.  You got a problem with that?


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