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Money does buy happiness?

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 17, 2008

Maybe, maybe not.

As long as all these studies are getting funded, though, everybody’s happy, right?


6 Responses to “Money does buy happiness?”

  1. DK said

    How lovely to see you choose choose a car as an example of wealth and, perhaps, happiness, Ron.

    A symbol of wealth should mean living in a sweet prime urban space near a subway.

  2. Why not both!

  3. jaymaster said

    Carts before horses and chickens or eggs and such, but maybe we should look at the question from the other angle.

    Maybe folks who are happy and satisfied become more productive and prosperous as a result of their happiness.

    I’ve seen a lot of evidence that points in that direction.

  4. DK said

    I don’t want to be gluttonous. Just give me the downtown or hip Brooklyn digs with a reliable elevator…you can have the Saudi-mobile.

  5. Pete Madsen said

    I once heard Mark Victor Hansen, an accomplished motivational speaker, say “Perhaps money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’d like each of you to find out for yourself.”

  6. I think I could live without the car, too, DK, if I had a place like you’re describing.

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