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Coals to Newcastle — Baiting Israelis, Jews in LA

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 10, 2008

An awards ceremony — where the honoree is actually an Israeli immigrant — becomes another forum for clerical antisemitism from a black preacher. From the comments:


One thing Obama’s run is doing is bringing to light the fact that this sort of thinking is very widespread in the black community. And instead of bringing the races together, it is going to turn whites against blacks all over again. Mistrust will replace tolerance again.

I hate to say it, but as an otherwise tolerant white dude, I’m growing awful tired of this nonsense already.

Apr 9, 2008 – 7:52 pm


This is amazing.

The 2008 election was supposed to be a referendum on Iraq and the GOP, and a landslide for the Democrats.

Instead, it has become a referendum on black people and their mentality of militant victimhood. This mentality has clearly jumped the shark in an America where Asians are wealthier than whites, where Hispanics outnumber blacks, and where black immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean, etc. come here voluntarily and do well.

As a result, the chance of a Democrat winning is now under 50%.

Truly, truly amazing.

Apr 9, 2008 – 7:52 pm

I did raise the global aspect of this issue kind of early.

I’m not actually convinced this will make an electoral difference. A certain kind of organizational Jew makes a living condemning things like this and “demanding” apologies, etc., but very few unaffiliated liberal Jews will bat an eyelash. Notwithstanding the conspiracy theories, they don’t “vote Jewish” all that much or even “vote Israel” or that much. Their religion is the church of liberalism. (Hat tip to Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds again, taking a skeptical view of a highly dubious spin.


One Response to “Coals to Newcastle — Baiting Israelis, Jews in LA”

  1. Jack said

    That reminds me of an old story…

    ‘Bout when different kinds of men join in common cause.

    The Temple Liberalis and the Church of Racial Sons
    Have a lot in common, and they have a lot of fun,
    With Jews sophisticated, atheistic, and urbane
    With Blacks consumed with color and the urbanized disdain,
    The Liberal Temple sacrifice will often eat itself
    In a bid to prove how uniform the politics may meld,
    Now the church of Racial Sons do see equality in man
    Unless those men are different then that violates the plan,
    For unless your liberalism does arise from either pole
    It cannot meet the middle of the counterfeit extolled,
    But do not be disheartened when you cannot be assured
    That right and wrong are flexible and protest is demurred,
    For liberal is a focus by which modern minds are fused
    Into a kind of common plea in which all are accused,
    So take your comfort as it comes, all brothers in the vice
    One’s fault is better multiplied by company enticed,
    If grievance you have mutual against all other men
    It’s best to be as one in aim, so say we all, Amen…

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