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A trillion here, and trillion there…

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 9, 2008

And soon you’re talking real nonsense.


3 Responses to “A trillion here, and trillion there…”

  1. Jack said

    When a war costs real money then people listen.

    Regardless of what they hear.

  2. Ara Rubyan said

    I’m baffled by Dave Price’s post.

    To me it seems to be simple common sense: you don’t just judge something by how much it cost; you also evaluate what you got in return.

    Am I missing something here?

  3. Jack said

    Sometimes you get just what you trade, and sometimes never seen,
    For sometimes our transactions are as if they’ve never been,

    And sometimes you’re returned just not what you expect there was
    And sometimes it is best to do what not you did because

    And sometimes there is much to lose when losing you would not
    And sometimes it is best to gain what you would not allot,

    For selfishness has many things to be in profit most
    And selflessness has secret things of which it cannot boast,

    The sun arises in the East no matter where you are
    The sun sets in the shining West, we cannot see that far,

    I guess it’s best to know not what you never knew at all
    For knowing is not what you do whenever duty calls,

    If men could know the surest price of all they do in life
    Maybe they would do far more, or shrink from every strife,

    But we will not no matter cost a’calculate a sum
    Which satisfies our every gain, our losses make us dumb,

    Or maybe it is that we do not see so very deep
    Into the future or the past to know how best to leap,

    Some say “No, do not stride there, for there the dangers lurk!”
    And some say “Yes, this will not stand, ‘gainst entropy I work!”

    For one man sees the blood that’s spilt, he cringes at his heart
    The other dreads a creeping death, it tears his soul apart,

    But we will never know “what if,” to men this is not real
    We must do best what we know not no matter what’s concealed,

    So pick your mark, and make your run, and pray you choose a’right
    For either way the dark awaits for you to make some light.

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