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“Celebrity Identification Disorder”

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 7, 2008

David Plotz wrote this about Charlton Heston in 1998:

At 73, Heston does remain an awesome presence—tall, grandfatherly, astonishingly handsome, his voice as magnificent as ever. President Heston has already employed that godly bass to great effect. His NRA speech produced a memorable sound bite thats being played and replayed on newscasts. Hestons ascendance seems to be filling some conservatives with what-if regret. Why didnt he run for office when he was in his prime?

Hestons fans are falling victim to Celebrity Identification Disorder, the same malady that causes people to write letters to soap opera characters. Heston periodically says, “I am not Moses,” but his admirers dont quite believe it. Hes been associated with extraordinary men for so long that they assume he must be one.

Yep.  I said the same thing about Fred Thompson.  He is also a great actor, tall, stentorian, authoritative, and a very impressive and effective person in real life.  But in both cases, the role and the man tended, in some people’s minds, to get confused — not a sign of political maturity.


8 Responses to ““Celebrity Identification Disorder””

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    I said the same thing about Fred Thompson. He is also a great actor, tall, stentorian, authoritative, and a very impressive and effective person in real life.

    But not, um, “astonishingly handsome,” right?

    P.S. And not, really, stentorian, i.e., “very loud or powerful in sound.” By all accounts, on the campaign trail Thompson put his audiences to sleep.

  2. mary said

    I always thought Thompson’s slogan should have been “I’m not a hero, but I play one on TV”

  3. Winghunter said

    Lets talk about “confused” and “political maturity” for a sec;

    Fact: Law & Order’s fans are overwhelmingly sniveling brat liberals. They liked Fred but, his voter base was entirely made up of mature and informed citizens capable of their own governance.

    Fact: Conservatives are the “politcally mature” who don’t need a song and a dance with our politics. Therefore, the substance is what we look for and listen to from a candidate…which is who Fred Thompson is and what he’s all about.

    Where only sniveling poster children for prophlyactics would dare suggest that “loud or powerful” pandering and/or personal attraction of the candidates “looks” are the smallest criteria in providing for their own governance…now, that’s REAL political immaturity and a sure way to lose our freedom.

    Wake the hell up clowns.

    “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats.” – P.J. O’Rourke

  4. Ray Smith said

    Winghunter, ALOT of us got it. The number exploded exponentially toward the end. Thanks to this screwed up primary process, Iowa, New Hampshire, S.C. and Fla. gave us our nominee. The rest of the countries voices don’t have a chance to be heard!

  5. mary said

    I’m not sure which sniveling brat liberals we’re discussing here, but I was hoping to vote for Giuliani because he had, in his career, actually accomplished something – like fixing up NYC, speaking in favor of fighting terrorism instead of appeasing it at the UN.

  6. Jack said

    CID reminds me a little bit of a modern illness I have noticed called PISS-ON, or as it is popularly known, Political Internet Substitution Syndrome with Ongoing Networking.

    What happens is that you take a subject, it could be any subject, like the death of an individual, and possibly even a very decent individual, and put that on the internet. Within moments the subject will devolve into a political debate only tangentially related to whatever the original subject matter was. The important thing about getting PISSed-On is not that the original subject matter is all that important in and of itself, because regardless of whether the subject is justice, life, death, God, truth, war, crime, love, hate, art, science, religion, history, the future, a rocket ship to Mars, or flying puppy-dogs, what is really important is how relatable the subject might be, politically speaking.

    With the internet it is always PISS-ON, no matter what the subject, and quite often PISS-OFF, just to boot, or to pass the time. Nothing really lets you know you’ve been PISSed-ON like the internet and politics. For after all Politics is the Queen of the Modern Arts and Sciences of the Internet. Our raison d’etre for modern high tech communications and carpal tunnel syndrome. Without politics and opinion on politics what in the world would people yak about? Nuttin very important I reckon.

    Yes, the internet is an interesting and sometimes even entertaining utopian fairy land to visit, just for the heck of it, or iffin you got nothing really better to do.

    But I sure wouldn’t wanna live there.
    It must be kinda depressing if you had to call it home.

    After all, in the end, how interesting can it be to live in a land where you always know the outcome of every conversation before it ever happens?

    Now if you folks will excuse me I’m gonna go watch General Petraeus testify before our Wise Old Men and Women. God bless em all.

    Because wise is as wise is willing to talk at length about in open chambers.

  7. Ara Rubyan said

    re: Petraeus — would it be fair to say we already “know the outcome of the conversation before it ever happens?”

  8. Jack said

    Ain’t it the truth!

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